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Why Sheldon Doesn't Like To Drive On The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon offered up an answer to one of The Big Bang Theory character's long-running quirks.

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Is All Dressed Up As Professor Proton In New Pictures

Sheldon gets to dress up as his favorite TV character on The Big Bang Theory, but we're not sure Bob Newhart's Professor Proton would approve.

How Jim Parsons Was Different From Young Sheldon As A Kid

Despite playing Sheldon Cooper so well on The Big Bang Theory, it sounds like Jim Parsons had a pretty different childhood compared to what the character experiences on Young Sheldon.

See Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Flip Off Jim Parsons During Filming

Looks like Sheldon said "Penny" one too many times.

The Big Bang Theory Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite Guest Star In Season 11

The Big Bang Theory is fond of using famed guest stars, and we can expect a fabulous one later in Season 11.

How The Big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon Did In The Ratings

The Big Bang Theory and its new spinoff Young Sheldon debuted on Monday night, and here's how they did in the ratings.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Premiere Just Dropped A Crazy Shock On Its Characters

The Big Bang Theory was having fun dropping info bombs on its characters and fans during the Season 11 premiere.

How The Big Bang Theory Premiere Handled Sheldon's Proposal To Amy

The Big Bang Theory returned to CBS for its Season 11 premiere to answer Sheldon's popped question.

Young Sheldon Review: The Big Bang Spinoff Delivers On Heart

Young Sheldon is quite different from The Big Bang Theory, which may be its biggest strength.

What Jim Parson Thinks Of Watching Young Sheldon’s Child Star

The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons recently opened up and explained what it's like to watch the star of Young Sheldon play the boy genius. Here's what he had to say.

The Excellent Advice The Big Bang Theory Creator Chuck Lorre Gave The New Showrunner

Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre had some sound advice for the new showrunner.

How Sheldon's Big Bang Theory Proposal Immediately Loses Its Magic In The Season 11 Premiere

When The Big Bang Theory returns, we'll get an answer to Sheldon's marriage proposal, but not before he manages to lose the romantically spontaneous vibe.

New Young Sheldon Trailer Shows His Childhood Quirks

The latest look at Young Sheldon shows just how he got by in his formative years.

How The Big Bang Theory Will Kick Off The Season 11 Premiere

Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory left off with a major cliffhanger, so fans have really been wondering how the show will start Season 11 this fall. Now, star Mayim Bialik has let us in on how the series plans to kick things off.

When Could The Big Bang Theory End? CBS And The Show's Creator Have Different Answers

The Big Bang Theory's future is always going to be a hot topic, and it sounds like its creator and its network are on slightly different pages.

Will The Big Bang Theory Spinoff Show The Death Of Sheldon's Father? Here's What Chuck Lorre Says

CBS is bringing a double dose of Sheldon Cooper to the small screen this fall thanks to the Big Bang Theory spinoff. Now, executive producer Chuck Lorre has revealed whether or not the spinoff will address the death of Sheldon's dad.

The Big Bang Theory Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes For Season 11

As The Big Bang Theory sets forth for Season 11, a big change is happening behind the scenes.

2017 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

This fall is going to be massive when it comes to primetime TV, and here are all the new and returning shows you can look forward to.

The Big Bang Theory Just Got Its Own Chemical Compound

Hold on to your comic books, because bazinga might just end up in future chemistry books.

The Hilarious Story Behind Adam West's Big Bang Theory Appearance

Big Bang Theory fans got to see Adam West back on the small screen when he appeared in an episode. As it turns out, there's a pretty funny story about how it came about.

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