Brendan Fraser's Fate In Universal's Revenge Of The Mummy Ride May Have Been Decided

Rachel Weisz watches scared while Brendan Fraser yells in The Mummy.
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One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Florida, the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster, has been unavailable for the last several months as it has been undergoing a significant refurbishment. While fans are certainly disappointed to not be able to experience the attraction, they have been equally concerned about a potential major change to the ride itself. Because it has been indicated that Brendan Fraser, who appears in both the ride queue and on screens at the end of Revenge of the Mummy, might be getting taken out. But the most recent indication is that Fraser may get to stay, even if he still hasn’t gotten his cup of coffee.

The construction of a Tribute Store next to the Mummy roller coaster significantly reduced capacity of the queue for the ride, meaning that  it needed to move to a virtual queue system in order to handle capacity during busy periods. There was a feeling that if the refurbishment removed the movie set elements from the queue, it would increase capacity, giving Universal a reason to remove those set elements, and if that happened the Brendan Fraser video segments would likely go as well, as they would make no sense. It’s been suggested that the ride may shift away from the Fraser film franchise and into a more classic Universal Monsters version of the Mummy.

However, we now have some good news for Brendan Fraser fans, as Bioreonstruct, your Twitter home for helicopter views of Orlando theme parks, recently snapped a ground level picture of Revenge of the Mummy, that shows the ride’s refurb is starting to wrap up, and it includes the queue video playing, and Brendan Fraser is still there. 

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While this isn’t a guarantee that Brendan Fraser will still be there when the ride opens once again, it’s possible that the video system is just being tested with the old video because the new one isn’t ready yet, it seems like good news that strongly indicates that the story of the Revenge of the Mummy ride will remain intact.

This is exciting for a number of reasons. Brendan Fraser has been seeing something of a career renaissance in the last couple of years, and so fans of the actor will have another place to see him. Fraser’s Mummy franchise has made a lot of fans, including Daniel Radcliffe, who can also be found in another part of Universal Orlando Resort. While it’s been more than a decade since the last film in the series, they are still quite popular. It also has to be said that the whole Revenge of the Mummy storyline has made a lot of fans over the years, and so a lot of people would be sad if it were to go away.

The ride story is one of a fictional sequel to the Mummy franchise starring Brendan Fraser. Guests move through the queue in what is supposed to be the set of the film. Fraser is seen on screens doing a sort of behind-the-scenes interview. He’s asking craft services for a cup of coffee, that nobody will serve him because they are afraid he has fallen victim to the mummy’s curse. At the end of the ride we see Fraser again, now irate that he has yet to receive his coffee. His line, “I would have enjoyed this interview a lot more if I HAD GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE" has become a meme among Universal Orlando Resort fans. Revenge of the Mummy is expected to reopen soon.

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