How New Construction At Disneyland Resort Could Be Good News For The Future Of Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure
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When Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure was first announced we were told that the new land would be getting a major E-Ticket attraction as part of a planned Phase 2 of the land, but with global pandemics and whatnot, such things did not materialize. Last year, during the D23 Expo we were told that the new Avengers ride was finally moving forward again. Unfortunately, we still have no idea when we might actually see it.

People walking into Avengers Campus this morning might start to get a little excited, as some construction walls have gone up around the Avengers HQ building. The bad news is that while work is being done on the building, it’s for the construction of a new merchandise location, not the new attraction.

There is potentially some good news attached to the construction, however, because the building where this new merch location is being built is where the new Avengers Multiverse attraction is expected to go, and the attraction will certainly have its own gift shop for guests to go through as they exit the ride. So building the gift shop could still be the first step toward the new attraction, even if there is no work currently being done directly on the attraction portion.

Originally announced as an Avengers QuinJet attraction, that would see guests fly off to Wakanda to help out the Avengers, the ride has undergone some significant changes in its downtime and is now set to see guests travel through the Multiverse. Concept art indicates we’ll see multiple versions of different Marvel heroes taking on King Thanos, a version of Thanos from the Multiverse that successfully defeated the Avengers  

The new gift shop inside Avengers Campus could also free up space elsewhere in Disney California Adventure for something new and exciting. There has been an Avengers-themed merchandise spot located in Hollywood Land for some time, and while it’s unclear if this new spot opening will lead to the other closing it’s certainly possible. If that happens we could see that location become something new as well.

With the recent completion of the remodeled Mickey’s ToonTown and the brand new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction, it’s unclear what the next big thing at Disneyland Resort will be. We’ve been expecting the new Avengers attraction to likely be the next addition but nothing has been officially announced beyond the fact that it’s happening. Earlier this month Bob Iger revealed plans for some sort of Avatar addition that will be coming to Disneyland, but again, no details or timeline were announced. However, with the success that Avatar recently had at the box office, this idea could be getting fast-tracked ahead of Avengers Campus.

Dirk Libbey
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