Disneyland’s New Avengers Campus Attraction Is Finally On The Way, But It’s Not What We Were Expecting

Multiverse concept art
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When Disneyland’s Avengers Campus was first confirmed, it included two attractions, a Spider-Man experience, and a major E-Ticket Avengers ride. We knew before the new land opened that the latter of the two rides would open later than the rest of the land, but after the pandemic delays for the Avengers Campus, it became clear the new ride was going to be delayed even longer than planned. It eventually was not clear if we would ever see the ride at all.

This morning during the Disney Parks panel at D23 Expo, Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige officially announced that a major E-ticket Avengers Campus ride is on the way, but it’s not the experience we were expecting. All previous concept art was based around a QuinJet flight experience that would include a trip to Wakanda. Instead, the ride is now a trip through the Multiverse.

The new attraction will tell a multiverse story with multiple versions of Marvel heroes taking on King Thanos, a version of Thanos who won the battle against the Avengers.

No official name was given to the new attraction, and we don't really know anything about how the ride will work, but the concept art looks very similar to what we had seen previously,  so it appears the ride itself is basically the same, but the story has changed entirely.

We didn't even know that much about what the previous version of the attraction was going to be. but we did know that at least part of the story would take place in Wakanda. One has to wonder if the loss of Black Panther Chadwick Boseman played a part in the decision to shift the ride.

Still, fans seem to love the multiverse idea in the films so it makes a great deal of sense to use that in the parks as well. And the opportunity is pretty wild. In the same way that  we've been able to see all sorts of new and different versions of our favorite characters in the movies, we could see them at Avengers Campus as well.

Imagine getting not only Tom Holland to reprise his Spider-Man role but Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as well? It's at least possible that we could see that. We could also see new versions of characters debut in the ride, and if they turn out to be popular, they could end up elsewhere in the MCU.

It's great to know that the new attraction is in fact on the way. For a while we've been wondering if this idea had died entirely. The only question now is when we might actually see it. A ride of this size will certainly take time, but this ride cannot come soon enough.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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