SeaWorld And Universal Orlando Got In A Twitter War Over Roller Coasters, And I Am Here For It

Universal's Velocicoaster Ride
(Image credit: Jessica Rawden)

Social media brands bringing the snark has become a fairly standard practice in many industries. In the theme park world the Twitter account for Universal Orlando Resort is probably the best known for such things. Universal frequently takes aim at its Mouse-based competition, but in recent months it has thrown shade in the direction of SeaWorld, and SeaWorld has not been shy about shooting back. Now, the two accounts are in something of a battle over roller coasters. 

The fight started when SeaWorld called itself the “Coaster Capital” of Orlando on Twitter. It’s got a number of roller coasters that are viewed as some of the best around, including the Mako and the brand new Ice Breaker. 

Now, it’s not too surprising that Universal Orlando Resort took issue with SeaWorld touting its coaster prowess. Universal Orlando also has two of the best new roller coasters with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and the even newer Velocicoaster. UOR pointed out that between its two parks, it actually has more coasters than Sea World.

Of course, SeaWorld was happy to respond in kind, that it had more coasters in a single park than Universal, so nobody needed to park hop to experience everything. Universal then basically made a snarky response calling SeaWorld small.

While Universal Orlando Resort tends to save its sarcasm for Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, which has been growing in popularity in recent years, especially among roller coaster fans, has become a more frequent target. SeaWorld seems to think they’re living rent free in Universal’s head these days, and it seems the park is totally ok with that.  

This one is sort of the coup de grâce, as UOR doesn’t respond to SeaWorld after this. That’s not to say there were no responses. Theme park fans who watched all this unfold sort of lost their minds over the entire exchange, and this last mic drop most of all. Although, Busch Gardens decided to chime in at this point, just to make sure people knew who the real roller coaster champ of Florida is. 

What makes this all so much fun is that there’s nothing mean spirited about it. While these different parks might technically be competition for each other, fans of theme parks who are able will visit all of them from time to time. If you’re a serious roller coaster fan, you’re going to want to visit all these parks, and Disney World too,  as the question of who has the most coasters is perhaps less important than which one is your favorite. They all have great coasters. Which one has the best social media manager, remains to be decided. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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