WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Getting Shredded In The Gym As WrestleMania 39 Rumors Swirl

Stone Cold cutting a promo for the WWE
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Stone Cold Steve Austin gave wrestling fans the shock of a lifetime when he brawled in an impromptu match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38. While many knew he’d appear to confront Owens, few likely expected a feature-length match from one of the rare WWE legends who actually stayed retired when he hung it up decades prior. Of course, it seems like all wrestling veterans are destined to return to the ring in some capacity, and it's looking like a rather hasty return might be in the cards for Austin, thanks to this recent viral video of the athlete that followed rumors of another WrestleMania return. 

Wrestling fans might’ve read recently via GiveMeSport that Stone Cold Steve Austin was so happy with how his last match went that he’d likely be open to booking another one in the future. It's a nice and obviously exciting thought, but not a rumor with enough credence on its own to give Stone Cold fans confidence that he's actually considering anything. That is, until one watches this video of Steve Austin getting absolutely shredded in the gym, as seen below:

The 57-year-old wrestling legend is looking as absolutely jacked as ever in that video, and appears physically ready to make a run for any title if it was so desired. Of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin has essentially always looked like ready and capaple of returning to the ring in the years since his retirement, and his consistent fitness is part of what's caused fans to speculated about his return so regularly. Of course, his literally comeback for WrestleMania 38 makes it feel at least possible that we could see more like it for next year's big pay-per-view, but what would the plan be? 

Back when Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled at WrestleMania 38, it all felt fated to happen. The big event was held earlier this year in the Texas Rattlesnake's home state, and his eventual opponent, Kevin Owens, had been utilizing the Stunner as his finisher for quite a while. So the stage was set for Stone Cold to arrive and kick Owens’ ass for disrespecting him. The WWE has a lot of interesting storylines happening right now, but is there room for Austin at the upcoming WrestleMania? 

That’s a great question, especially considering the mounting amount of arcs being planned for next year's event set for Hollywood. We’re expecting Cody Rhodes to return at some point from his pectoral tear, while Bray Wyatt is doing strange things with new trademarked characters, and let's not forget The Rock is rumored to be returning to challenge Roman Reigns in the coming months. 

Sure, there are plenty of wrestlers still available for a bout against Stone Cold Steve Austin, but would anyone really want to push the Texas Rattlesnake to anything less than a main-event match? I know I personally would love to see Austin back in a ring, but I’d also like for it to be a truly one-of-a-kind scenario. I’d also be just as excited if this was all for a surprise Royal Rumble appearance, since watching Austin take on dozens of athletes instead of just one would be wild. But I guess we can only wait and see what the WWE might have planned for the legend. 

There’s no telling right now if Stone Cold Steve Austin is planned for any upcoming WWE events, but plenty of reasons to watch Monday Night Raw and SmackDown in the meantime. That said, anyone hungry for more Stone Cold can easily access some of his greatest moments with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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