• Aliens vs. Predator Requiem (AVP-R) details

Aliens vs. Predator Requiem (AVP-R) Synopsis

Rated-R and no-holds-barred, the iconic creatures from two of the scariest film franchises wage their most brutal battle ever -- in our own backyard.

Let’s give Fox some credit here. Yeah they’re making a sequel to a crappy, franchise-ruining movie which nobody liked, but at least they seem to be attempting to correct some of the mistakes that were made with the first one.

For instance Paul W.S. “not the good one” Anderson, architect of the original AVP, is nowhere in sight. He’s not involved in the sequel, not even a little bit. Instead they’ve brought in two first timers with a background in visual effects named Greg and Colin Strause, guys who claim to actually like the Alien and Predator movies they’re supposed to be basing their battle movie on. Can they direct? Who knows, but at least they’re not Anderson.

Then there’s Fox’s apparent willingness to let this one be rated-R. The franchise they’re ripping off to make these monstrosities were renowned for being hardcore, R-rated horror movies. For the first AVP, they watered it down to a lukewarm PG-13. They pulled in teenagers, but pushed the two franchises’s original fans right out the door. Now they’re attempting to correct that, by making this the R-rated horror movie AVP should have been..

Do we need an AVP sequel? Hell no. Since we have to have one though, at least there’s some small reason to hope that maybe this time it’ll be good.

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