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The Pink Panther (2006) Synopsis

Steve Martin remakes the classic Pink Panther detective comedy.

On the list of movies that did not need to be remade, The Pink Panther is close to the top, somewhere below Willy Wonka and maybe a step or two above Sam Raimi’s confusing proposal to remake his own movie, but have no real involvement in it . Of course since most remakes are generally a bad idea, the greatness of the original movie means nothing if someone thinks there’s money to be made. At least with Willy Wonka Burton can throw around the excuse that it’s a new adaptation of the book, not a remake of the original movie. The Pink Panther can make no such claim.

But, if you’re dead set on making The Pink Panther, at least get talented people involved. Were this 1995, they’d have done that, since in addition to playing Inspector Clouseau Steve Martin also helped write the film’s new screenplay. However it is in fact not 1995, it is 2006, a good ten years since Steve Martin has been funny or relevant. That realization is frankly a bit depressing.

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