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The Teen Titans Are Getting Their Own Movie, But Not In The Way You’d Expect

The Teen Titans are finally making the jump to the big screen, but it isn't in the way you might be thinking at first.

The Surprising Cameo Thor: Ragnarok May Have

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for throwing fun cameos in, but the one that's now rumored for Thor: Ragnarok is particularly surprising.

When IT 2 Will Be Released In Theaters

Following on the heels of IT's incredible performance, IT 2 has officially been scheduled.

Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Spider-Man: Homecoming Right Now

Whether you've already seen Spider-Man: Homecoming or didn't catch it during its theatrical run, you can now enjoy the first 10 minutes of the movie to your heart's content for free.

How Jango Fett Actor Temuera Morrison Wants To Return To The Star Wars Universe

Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison already knows how he'd like to contribute to the Star Wars franchise again if that opportunity comes knocking.

7 Kevin Smith Characters Who Should Return For Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Now that Brian O'Halloran has confirmed he'll be back as Dante Hicks for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, we've gathered some other Kevin Smith characters from the View Askewniverse who are also worth bringing back.

What The Gambit Movie May Be About

There hasn't been much news about how the Gambit movie is coming along, but we may finally have some details about what the story will be about.

How Much Kingsman: The Golden Circle Earned On Thursday Night

Kingsman: The Golden Circle got off to an impressive start last night. Here's how much it drew in from Thursday night screenings.

Why The Flash Gordon Remake Hasn't Happened Yet, According To Matthew Vaughn

Director Matthew Vaughn has explained why the Flash Gordon remake still hasn't gotten off the ground despite it being announced years ago.

The Fun Way Rian Johnson Celebrated The Last Jedi Wrapping

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally been completed, and here's how director Rian Johnson celebrated the big moment with his crew.

Why Batman V Superman Didn't Work, According To One Comic Writer

Dave Gibbons, who has written several Superman stories, has explained why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't work for him.

How James Gunn Feels About A Possible Guardians Of The Galaxy 4

What are the chances James Gunn could one day direct a possible Guardians of the Galaxy 4? Here's what the director had to say.

Hellboy's Daniel Dae Kim Met With Ed Skrein After Casting Controversy, Check It Out

With the Hellboy casting controversy out of the way, Ed Skrein and Daneil Dae Kim were finally able to meet one another. Check it out!

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Who Almost Returned In Vol. 2

There were a few faces from 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy who didn't appear in Vol. 2, but one particularly notable character did almost return for the sequel.

6 Important Elements The Nightwing Movie Needs To Include

Nightwing will soon be leading his own movie in the DC Extended Universe, and we've gathered together key elements that this story needs to include.

New Han Solo Photo May Be Teasing An Infamous Star Wars Location

Ron Howard's latest photo from the Han Solo movie set seems to indicate that an infamous Star Wars location will finally appear on the big screen.

Why Paramount Is Reportedly Irritated About J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars: Episode IX

It would appear that Paramount is among those displeased with J.J. Abrams' decision to direct Star Wars: Episode IX. Here's why.

The First Tomb Raider Trailer Is Exciting And Mysterious

The first trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot has finally dropped. Check it out!

Could X-Men: Dark Phoenix Be Doing Something Different With One Of Its Original Actors?

It looks like one of the actors from the original X-Men movies is returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, only it's possible they may be involved in a different capacity.

How Star Wars Fans Can Learn More About The Battleground Planet In The Last Jedi

One of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's new planets, Crait, will be the site for a battle between The First Order and The Resistance. Here's how you can learn more about that salt-covered world.

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