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9 Superhero Movies That Need To Be Set In A Different Period

Most superhero movies are set in the present day, but we've picked properties from Marvel and DC that would make great movies if they were set in the past or future.

The Spider-Man Spinoff With Black Cat And Silver Sable Has Found A Director

Along with Venom, Sony has a Silver Sable and Black Cat movie in the works, and that heroine-led feature has found its director.

New Thor: Ragnarok Photo Shows Off Hulk’s Sweet Sakaar Digs

When Hulk isn't fighting in the Sakaar gladiator ring during Thor: Ragnarok, he'll have a great place to kick back and relax.

The Cubs Took An Anchorman-Themed Road Trip And The Pictures Are Great

The Chicago Cubs decided to model their looks on Anchorman during their big road trip. Great Odin's raven!

When Wonder Woman 2 Might Be Set

Director Patty Jenkins provides a clue on what time period Wonder Woman 2 could be set in.

How Patty Jenkins Feels About Not Directing Thor: The Dark World

Years before she directed Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins was going to direct Thor: The Dark World. Here's how she feels now about not helming that Marvel blockbuster.

One Request Carrie Fisher Had For Star Wars: Episode IX

After she'd finished shooting Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Carrie Fisher had a specific request about Leia Organa's role in Episode IX.

Mariah Carey Was Apparently A Nightmare While Filming Amy Poehler's New Movie

Mariah Carey cameoed in Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell-led comedy The House, but apparently her time on set was a nightmare for everyone involved.

The Cool Way Ant-Man And Captain Marvel Will Tie In Together

It looks like Ant-Man and Captain Marvel might in tie together through a cool science fiction concept. Learn more ahead.

6 Important Things The Venom Movie Needs To Include

When the Venom movie hits theaters next year, here are the six main elements from the comics we want to see incorporated into the story.

What Kylo Ren’s State Of Mind Will Be In The Last Jedi, According To Adam Driver

When we reunite with Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he won't be in the same mindset as he was in The Force Awakens. Adam Driver reveals more ahead.

The Insane Reason Joseph Fiennes Didn't Get To Play Obi Wan Kenobi In Star Wars

Joseph Fiennes nearly edged out Ewan McGregor to play Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels, but he lost out at the opportunity for a ridiculous reason.

Check Out The Avatar Cast Checking Out The New Disney World Land

Disney World's latest attraction, Pandora - The World of Avatar, had its dedication ceremony today, and some of Avatar's biggest faces showed up for the occasion.

All The Amazing Fans Poking Fun At The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster

A new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster was released today, and it's getting a lot of ridicule from folks online.

Watch The Beauty And The Beast Musical Scene That Was Cut From The Movie

One of Beauty and the Beast's songs went through some major changes, and now you can see how it originally began.

Is Top Gun 2 Actually Happening? Here’s What Tom Cruise Says

Tom Cruise finally sets the record straight on whether or not Top Gun 2 is happening.

The Justice League Dark Movie Has Hit A Major Setback

Justice League Dark promises to be one of the more unique DCEU offerings, but it's hit a new setback in the development process.

One Way Wonder Woman Is Different From Other Superhero Films, According To Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman has a lot going for it, but there's one key difference that separates it from other superhero movies that director Patty Jenkins especially takes note of.

Could Spaceballs 2 Actually Happen? Here's What Mel Brooks Says

Mel Brooks updates fans on whether or not there is an actual chance Spaceballs 2 could be made and begin searching for more money.

Watch Deadpool Show Up In This Very Honest Logan Trailer

As critically acclaimed as it is, even Logan's not safe from getting an Honest Trailer, one so big that even Deadpool showed up.

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