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Black Panther Is Bringing Back Another Important Captain America: Civil War Character
Most of the Black Panther characters who have been announced so far are brand new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but one of the few familiar figures will be one of Chadwick Boseman's notable Captain America: Civil War co-stars.
Green Lantern Corps May Also Be Eyeing An X-Men Star For Hal Jordan
Today brought the news of five actors who are reportedly being consider to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps. Those were enough to chew on for a while, but now it appears a sixth individual might also be in consideration.
James Cameron Just Rejoined The Terminator Franchise In A Huge Way
James Cameron has jumped back into the Terminator world. Here's how he'll be helping the franchise.
King Kong And Godzilla's Shared Universe Has An Official Name, And It's Badass
With Kong: Skull Island nearing release, it's been revealed what the world that the giant ape and his fire breathing reptilian cohort, Godzilla, is called.
Star Trek Fan Film Axanar Finally Settles In Court With Paramount
Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios have settled their lawsuit against the Star Trek fan film Axanar. Get the details ahead.
Why Marvel’s Inhumans Should Still Be A Movie, According To Vin Diesel
Despite Inhumans now being an ABC TV series, Vin Diesel would still like the property to be made into a movie. Here's why.
Ron Perlman's Down For Hellboy 3, So What Next?
It's been nine years since the second Hellboy movie came out, but thanks to fan help, director Guillermo del Toro is re-exploring the possibility of a third movie, and it sounds like Ron Perlman is ready to jump back in as well.
The Predator Is Eyeing A People Vs. OJ Simpson Star
The Predator has slowly been building its cast over the last couple months, and today brings news that one of the stars from American Crime Story is being eyed for a significant role.
The Main Change Spider-Man: Homecoming Made To Flash Thompson
Just like in the comics, Flash Thompson will be one of Peter Parker's classmates in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the filmmakers made a big change with their relationship.
Exclusive A Cure For Wellness TV Spot Is Creepy And Suspenseful
A Cure for Wellness is a month away from release, and we've been provided an exclusive new TV spot that doesn't skimp on the suspense. Check it out!
John Wick Brings His Dog To A Legendary Location In The First John Wick 2 Clip
It looks like John Wick's new dog will have more to do in John Wick: Chapter Two, as evidenced by a new clip showing the ex-assassin bringing his canine friend to a familiar location.
The Real Reason Logan Chose 2029 For Its Setting, According To The Director
It's been officially revealed that Logan will be set in 2029. Here's the reason that year was chosen, according to director James Mangold.
Batman Fans Will Freak Out When They See What Jared Leto Just Teased
Half a year after debuting in Suicide Squad as The Joker, Jared Leto has posted some unusual photos connected to the Clown Prince of Crime.
A Dog's Purpose Producers Respond To Controversy Over German Shepherd
Hours after the A Dog's Purpose controversy broke, the movie's producers have responded about the incident.
How Ready Player One Will Film The OASIS Scenes, According To Tye Sheridan
Ready Player One star Tye Sheridan has revealed how the movie's virtual world, known as the OASIS, was filmed.
How Deadpool 2 Will Address The First Movie's Success, According To Ryan Reynolds
Last year's Deadpool movie didn't shy away from the character breaking the fourth wall, so how will the sequel address its predecessor's success? Read on to find out.
Why PETA Wants People To Boycott A Dog's Purpose
A new video has surfaced online that has resulted in PETA calling for a boycott of A Dog's Purpose. Get the details ahead.
Star Trek: Discovery Just Cast Spock's Father, And He's Perfect
So far only brand-new characters have been cast in Star Trek: Discovery, but today it was revealed that Spock's father, Sarek, will appear, and he'll be played by this actor.
The Major Batman Souvenir Ben Affleck Took From Batman V Superman
Sometime studios let actors keep one or two things from the set of a major blockbuster. In Ben Affleck's case, he hit the jackpot after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Why The 24 Movie Never Happened, According To The Producer
After 24 went off the air, there was talk about continuing Jack's adventures on the big screen. Here's the reason those plans didn't end up coming to fruition.
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