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The Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con Trailer Lets Hulk Talk Way More Than Before

Thor: Ragnarok has given us plenty of footage before, but given it's Comic-Con week, Marvel decided to bust out another trailer for fans. Spoiler alert: it's awesome.

Ant-Man And Wasp Just Added Some Huge Names To Its Cast

Marvel has announced some of the major characters who will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp next year.

The New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Is A Real Thriller

Following the quick teaser that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year, Netflix has finally dropped the first full trailer for Stranger Things Season 2.

The DCEU Has Revealed Its New Movies Slate, And It Looks Incredible

Warner Bros has been slowly adding movies to the DCEU, and now we finally have a new official slate of what's arriving in the coming years.

The New Justice League Trailer Is Exciting And Packed With Teamwork

With only four months to go until Justice League's release, Warner Bros has finally dropped the second trailer for the DCEU blockbuster. Check it out!

Ben Affleck Just Responded To The All The Batman Rumors

Ben Affleck has finally responded to the rumors swirling around for months about whether or not he'll leave Batman behind.

The Ready Player One Trailer Is Epic And Action-Packed

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's next movie, Ready Player One, has finally been released. Check it out!

Who The Van Helsing Reboot May Be Eyeing For Its Lead

Van Helsing is among the many movies Universal has scheduled for the Dark Universe, and the studio reportedly already has a lead in mind.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Considered Using Two More Avengers

Iron Man had a supporting role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but two of his Avengers teammates could have been included in the movie, too.

Why David Ayer Is Directing Gotham City Sirens Instead Of Suicide Squad 2

Rather than stick around for Suicide Squad 2, David Ayer decided he would direct Gotham City Sirens for the DCEU next. Here's why.

The Spawn Reboot Is Finally Moving Forward

Todd McFarlane has spent years trying to get a Spawn reboot off the ground, and he's finally succeeded in making that happen! Get the details ahead.

The Elton John Biopic Has Swapped Tom Hardy For A Rising Star

Tom Hardy is no longer attached to play Elton John, as the singer's upcoming biopic has a new talent in mind for its lead.

What DC Reportedly Plans To Do With The Joker And Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn made their DCEU debuts last year in Suicide Squad, and now DC reportedly has an intriguing plan for the clownish couple.

DC Sets The Record Straight On The Rock Appearing In Shazam

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has finally revealed whether or not we can expect to see The Rock as Black Adam in Shazam.

A Doctor Doom Movie Is Happening, And You Should Be Excited

20th Century Fox is working on a Doctor Doom movie, and there's a big name talent working on it.

The Purge 4 Has Found Its Director

Nearly half a year after it was officially greenlit, The Purge 4 has found the director to succeed James DeMonaco.

Netflix's First Full Bright Trailer Is Exciting And Packed With Creature Craziness

Following the 30-second teaser that was released in February during the Oscars, Netflix has finally dropped the first full-length for Bright.

Shazam's Director Has Finally Been Confirmed

With Shazam finally starting to pick up steam, it's been confirmed who will direct the World's Mightiest Mortal's upcoming movie.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi's New Adorable Aliens Explained

There's an adorable alien species that will be seen on Ahch-To in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you can learn about them ahead.

The Pacific Rim 2 Recruitment Video Wants You To Join The Jaeger Uprising

The first Pacific Rim Uprising trailer is here, and it's search for new Jaeger program recruits to help fight back against the Kaiju.

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