Family Guy Returns To A Galaxy Far Far Away On December 22nd

By Perri Nemiroff 2009-12-20 20:08:14
Need a gift for a Family Guy fan this Christmas? Head on over to Best Buy to get the limited edition Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side Blu-ray disc collectorís set. Youíll have to make this a last-minute purchase because Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment wonít release the goods until December 22nd.

Something, Something, Something Dark Side is the sequel to the original Star Wars spoof Blue Harvest. Blue Harvest poked fun at Episode IV: A New Hope, so naturally, this one goes after Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. After escaping Darth Vaderís (Stewie) Imperial Starfleet, Luke (Chris), Leia (Lois), Han Solo (Peter), and Chewbacca (Brian) travel to a secret rebel base on the icy planet Hoth. Luke must learn the way of the "farce" from Jedi Master Yoda (Carl) in order to save the galaxy from the dark side.

On top of the hour-long episode on Blu-ray, the set comes with a retro lunchbox and t-shirt featuring Ernie the Giant Chicken as Boba Fett. Considering the standard DVD version will cost $22.98 and the standard Blu-ray version $29.98, I canít image this package costing more than $50 maximum.
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