ACE Team announced that they’ve licensed Valve’s Source engine to produce a new action-fantasy game for the PC. Zeno Clash is set in a punk fantasy world, and will focus mainly on action based melee combat. The team promises a ton of “brutal combat” within a first person perspective. The use of exotic firearms makes the game sound a little like Metroid Prime, except that it’s first person action rather than first person adventure.

Of course, having the Source engine to work with will make the daunting task of making an action game in the first person a little easier to manage. "Source is an incredibly flexible engine that lets us create environments with rich visuals, expansive and highly-detailed believable characters that interact with players in intelligent-and challenging-ways. We look forward to delivering a fantastic experience to gamers in 2008," said Andres Bordeu, a game designer with ACE Team. One thing is for sure, with independent developers capable of utilizing powerful engine’s such as Source we can expect great things from them.

I don’t know how it’ll feel to play Zeno Clash, but I’m excited at the prospect of a new developer coming along to try and reimagine the way we experience an old genre. Imagine if the team can bring the same enjoyment that we got with God of War on a first person game. That is a result I would most like to see with ACE Team’s upcoming action fantasy title.

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