This is one of those well-timed coincidences. Just the other day I was thinking about Logan’s Run and the remake that was supposed to be happening, making a more “true to the novel” film version. Bryan Singer was originally attached to direct the project but ended up leaving it. With a slate that includes dealing with Tom Cruise (Valkyrie) and returning to the Superman franchise, it’s unlikely he’ll make his way back to the remake any time soon, regardless of how much a labor of love the project was supposed to be.

So here I was wondering about the movie and voila! – producer Joel Silver starts talking about it again. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire Silver confirmed that Bryan Singer would not be directing the film, but that he was still working on it and hoping it would come to fruition. So hope is not lost for a new Logan’s Run, it just doesn’t look like it’s exactly coming soon.

Silver mentioned the movie was one of six genre projects he has in some phase of production right now, including the Masters of the Universe adaptation, which is still in early development, and Speed Racer, which reunites the producer with his Matrix buddies, the Wachowski brothers and is currently filming in Germany.

With Singer not returning to Logan’s Run, who else might be a good candidate for the movie? For some reason Brian Helgelund keeps coming to mind for me. After watching his cut of Payback earlier this year I think he could really make it a nice, dark tale. I could also see Alex Proyas taking it on (would be a lot better than a Dracula prequel, wouldn’t it?). These are just fantasies, of course, but with Silver producing, I feel comfortable he’ll find a good match for the project.

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