Over the weekend JoBlo.com scored an advance advertising video containing interviews and some actual footage from the set of The Fantastic Four. We can’t show it to you because they no longer have it. In fact, Fox sent them threatening notices mere hours after they put it up. JoBlo was forced to pull it down or face studio wrath… and unfortunately they pulled it down before anyone on the CB staff had even seen it.

Today I received several er… fantastic pictures from the Fantastic Four movie in my inbox. They look like the sort of thing that might have come from the Fantastic Four video JoBlo.com was touting, but since none of us here at CB saw it (nor would we if we could since doing so is apparently a punishable offense) I can’t tell you that for sure. So, here’s what we’ve got. Take a look. They’re definitely the real deal and they include the first look I’ve seen of Dr. Doom in his mask. Enjoy, unless Fox says you can’t. Then shame on you for reading this article and it’ll disappear within minutes and we’ll all just pretend it never existed. Ok?

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see the pictures whose existence I can neither confirm nor deny... or don't. Surprise surprise they're gone.

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