BioShock Infinite VGA 2012 Trailer Meets Elizabeth

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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As promised, Irrational Games premiered a new trailer for BioShock Infinite during the Spike VGAs last night. It depicts the first meeting between player character Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt.

Booker has traveled to the sky-city of Columbia to rescue Elizabeth. However, she doesn't give him a hero's greeting. She actually throws books at him. Hey, you'd be a bit suspicious too if you were held prisoner in a floating city by a giant techno-bird for years.

In the next segment of the trailer, Booker fights off airships full of Vox Populi. Elizabeth mostly hangs back during the battle but she does provide Booker with a couple items during battle. In time, though, she'll play a larger role in combat. This woman, as it turns out, has a few surprises up her sleeves.

Yesterday, Irrational revealed that they're delaying Infinite a second time. They now plan to release the game in March.

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