Let's Fish! Hooked On Headed To PS Vita Feb. 5 For $19.99

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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You know what we donít see enough of these days? Fishing games. Thankfully, the folks at Wired Productions feel the same way, which is exactly why theyíve been developing Letís Fish! Hooked On for the PlayStation Vita. And now we even know when the game is coming out and how much it will cost. Look to get hooked on Feb. 5 for $19.99.

The best thing about a portable fishing game is that you can take it out in the boat with you. That way, while using your peripheral vision to keep an eye on your bobber as it dances around out in the water, you can focus the bulk of your attention on playing Letís Fish. Finally, we can fish WHILE weíre fishing.

For those who follow the fishing game scene, itís worth noting that Letís Fish was developed by the same folks behind Sega Bass Fishing, held by many to be one of the best fishing games available on consoles. While Letís Fish takes a decidedly more lighthearted, arcade approach to the genre, Wired Production Product Manager Sean Walsh said that players should expect a fully-featured and fun experience.

ďCombining realistic fishing action with fast arcade style gameplay using the PS Vita touchscreen, Letís Fish! Hooked On comes with a full story mode and aims to make fishing fun for everyone,Ē Walsh said in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. ďChoosing between four different anime-styled characters, each with their own storyline and unique abilities, players are challenged to improve their skills by competing in a host of progressively difficult tournaments in their bid to win the World Tour.Ē

Along with the story-driven World Tour mode, players will be able to take on a Challenge Mode for quick fishing action, a Training Mode to improve your skills and an Underwater Mode for checking out your best catches. Thereís also a full leaderboard to peruse and Trophies to collect.

Look for Letís Fish! Hooked On to hit the PlayStation Store for your Vita angling needs on Feb. 5 for 20 bucks.
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