Resident Evil 6 Demo Available On Consoles Today

By Ryan Winslett 4 years ago discussion comments
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You just canít keep a good T-Virus down. Resident Evil 6 is only weeks away from a proper release and, today, youíll have the opportunity to take Capcomís latest zombie killfest for a test drive with a brand new playable demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Capcom has confirmed that this demo is different from the one that came as a special bonus via Dragonís Dogma earlier this year, so even those who took the original demo for a spin will find something new to enjoy in this latest offering.

If youíre an Xbox Gold member, you can boot up your console right this very second and start downloading the demo. If youíre part of the poor, unwashed masses of non-Gold members, then youíll have to wait until Sept. 25 to get your zombie fix. Sorry, but thems the breaks.

Over on the PlayStation 3 front, everyone will have access to the new demo once the store gets updated later today.

In the demo, youíll get to play a small section of the storylines for Leon, Chris and Jake, making for a pretty meaty experience that even supports co-op. Youíll probably want to use said co-op, as friendly AI is frequently about as dumb as a brick. Otherwise, you can just sit back, relax, and blow countless holes into the hordes of undead shambling through each of the gameís three main arcs.

Look for the full version of Resident Evil 6 to hit consoles and PC on Oct. 2.
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