X-Men: Destiny Trailer Introduces Players To Choices And Consequences

By William Usher 5 years ago discussion comments
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Not content with simply making another bamp-and-bash beat-eím-up, Silicon Knights is recovering from their Too Human slip-up with a brand new action game set within the X-Men universe. The original new X-Men title will put players in the shoes of new recruits who must make some morally ambiguous choices throughout the game that will shape the future of their mutant abilities and alliances.

The new trailer focuses mostly on the two new recruits and the strong subtext of consequence attached to choice. The premise sounds interesting and some of the action set pieces in the video look really awesome. The two main characters arenít entirely impressionable, although Aimi Yoshida, leaves a bit more of a lasting flavor of originality than the other chap, Grant Alexander.

My only concern is that what we see in trailers isnít always what we get in-game, and Silicon Knights still has a bit of an uphill struggle to work out in order to regain respect from the gaming community after Too Human.

Anyway, the new trailer is pretty snazzy. Itís not quite Coolest Game Trailer of the Year quality but itís up there. You can check it out below or head on over to the Official Website to learn more about X-Men: Destiny, which is set to release on September 27th for multiple platforms.

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