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Somebody Built An Entire Pokemon Game Inside Minecraft
When people make games they usually build them as separate platforms and then advertise that they're available. In the case of Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst, the fan-made game was built inside of Minecraft and it's not just a spiffy mod, it's a total conversion that's fully featured.
Somebody Built An Atari 2600 Emulator Inside Minecraft
Some people build houses in Minecraft. Others, on the other hand, like to build insane contraptions that leave us all staring in wonder. For instance, one guy recently built an Atari 2600 emulator because, heck, why not?
LEGO's Minecraft Competitor Is About To Get A Full Release On More Than Just PC
The LEGO Group, Warner Bros., and TT Games' LEGO Worlds is currently going through the Early Access phase on Steam and is expected to launch in early 2017, but when it graduates Early Access it's expected to release on more than just PC.
Toys R Us Black Friday Deals Have Been Revealed
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is hot on its heels. With a ridiculous number of deals being offered at pretty much all major retailers, the folks over at Toys R Us have revealed what they will be making available in the gaming department and, yep, some of this stuff might be worth waiting in line for.
Abandon Ship Brings Roguelike Adventure To The High Seas
Fireblade Software recently announced a single-player, seafaring adventure game called Abandon Ship. It's a gorgeous new naval title themed around light-fantasy adventures on the high seas, where players will face off against other vessels and even mammoth creatures from the deep.
Video Game Black Friday Deal Ads Reveal What Consoles Will Be On Sale This Year
Black Friday is set to get underway later this month where a bunch of games and consoles are expected to be discounted by a great amount. In fact, some outlets have already begun to slash prices on the PS4 and Xbox One.
Some Countries Really Love Some Odd Games, According To YouTube
It should come as no surprise that, depending on where you are in the world, the population is head-over-heels for very specific games. According to a recent study from YouTube, though, quite a few odd choices are making the biggest noise in very specific regions across the globe.
Minecraft's October Update Has An Awesome Trailer, Watch It Now
All these years later and Minecraft is still going strong. Over on the console front, the developers are gearing up to launch a brand new update in October, and they've even put together a spiffy trailer to show off what's in store.
Minecraft Story Mode Gets Shattered Into Pieces In New Honest Game Trailer
The Honest Game Trailers are usually a good way to get an honest look at a game; the good, the bad and the horrible. The latest game to get the "Honest" treat is Minecraft Story Mode from Telltale Games, and they absolutely do not hold back anything as they shatter the game to pieces.
Minecraft's New DLC Has A Trailer, Watch It Now
Microsoft has some new DLC coming for Minecraft in the form of a Chinese mythological mash-up pack. It features a pack of textures and themes to help gamers create buildings, structures and homes themed around Chinese culture and mythology.
Microsoft Has Found A Way To Sell Even More Copies Of Minecraft
At this point, it seems like anyone who wants to play Minecraft probably has done exactly that. Microsoft isn't convinced, however, coming up with a new way to get the game into even more hands.
Minecraft Has Added Yet Another New Platform
Microsoft is really taking advantage of their ownership of Minecraft. The game is appearing on as many platforms as possible, including something brand new.
One Museum Used Minecraft To Show A Tragic Moment In History, See The Video
The Museum of London is working with game designer Adam Clarke, Dragnoz and map builders Blockworks to bring audiences a recreation of the Great Fire 1666 of London, England through Mojang's Minecraft.
Someone Made A Functional Pokemon Game In Minecraft And It's Insane
Usually headlines are a bit hyperbolic in order to get clicks. In this case, there's nothing hyperbolic about the insane amount of dedication and skill applied to a Minecraft mod that actually allows people to play a full rendition of Pokemon within Minecraft. It's insane!
Players Have Been Working On This Minecraft Map For Over Five Years
Since 2011 a group of Minecraft players have been building an entire city. No, more like a region. No, maybe a state? Or could it possibly be the size of a small country? Well, no matter how big the place is, it's one of the largest server maps in Minecraft history.
Minecraft Just Crossed A Major Sales Milestone
If you thought Minecraft was a good game and pretty successful, you need to take a second look at your adjectives because Minecraft has made so much money to date, it’s now being deemed one of the most successful video games ever created.
You Won't Be Able To Advertise Inside Minecraft, According To The Developer
Everyone in gaming knows the community for Minecraft is massive, expanding far beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined. So building, creating and capitalizing off of that massive community to create more awareness around your brand sounds like a golden idea, right? Not according to Mojang.
New Worlds Adrift Trailer Shows Beautiful User-Created Islands
If Minecraft was any indication of how successful an open-world game is, then you know the upcoming Worlds Adrift’s user-created content is no different. And in the most recent trailer, you can see what kinds of things users can create in the vast world of the game.
Minecraft Is Getting A New Game Mode, Get The Details
You know what a lot of people have apparently been secretly desiring that no one really thought to ask for? An arena mini-game battle mode in Minecraft. Microsoft is really thinking forward with the property and will introduce the new Battle mini-game this June for home consoles and portable devices.
Why Nintendo Is Feuding With Minecraft
Is everybody enjoying that new Super Mario Bros. content on the Wii U version of Minecraft? I bet you want to capture footage of some of your best creations and post them on Youtube, huh? Well, you might want to pump the brakes on that one, as it looks like Nintendo is dishing out some cease and desists tied to that particular game, even though the developers were told it would not be an issue.
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