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Are We Closer To Cross Play On Consoles? Here's The Latest
What would it take for gamers on the Xbox One to go toe-to-toe with gamers on the PlayStation 4? It's a conversation that's been going on for years now. So, what's the latest on full cross-platform play?
Here's Everything That's Changing In Titanfall 2 After The First Tech Test
Following the recent tech test for Titanfall 2, is sounds like player feedback has led to some big changes in the upcoming mech-powered first-person shooter.
How Multiplayer Will Be Different In Titanfall 2
The key pillar of gameplay in the original Titanfall resided in its solid multiplayer experience. That same experience will still be a pillar of gameplay in the sequel, but Respawn is making some tweaks to the formula, and explained how the multiplayer will be different in Titanfall 2.
Is Sony About To Unveil A New PS4 Controller As Well?
After several days of image and video leaks seeming to point to the launch of a PlayStation 4 slim model, it looks like the new console might have a sibling piece of new hardware coming to market, too.
Here's All The Patches For No Man's Sky
While No Man's Sky may not have had the most flawless launch, the team at Hello Games has done a good job of jumping on the major issues and keeping players informed as to what has been addressed. And speaking of keeping everyone up to date, they recently revealed all of the major fixes that have been made up to this point.
New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Trailer Shows An Insane Degree Of Customization
Ubisoft took GamesCom as an opportunity to roll out tons of new footage and content for their upcoming games. They have a slew of new videos and screenshots for their upcoming titles, including a new trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, showcasing some deep customization features.
BioShock: The Collection Is Adding A New Collectable To The Original Game
The re-release of the BioShock series by 2K Games will come with a little something extra for those of you who are diligent and committed to the series. A brand new collectible item has been added to the game that players can seek out.
Lego Dimensions Is Adding A Popular DC Hero, Get The Details
For those of you who haven't picked up Lego Dimensions just yet, the folks over at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced a special treat will soon be included in all Starter Packs of the game for PlayStation 4.
Some Major Changes Are On The Way For The PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4's 4.0 update features a bevy of new goodies for owners of Sony's fourth generation home console. The update will be rolling out soon and is codenamed "Shingen", featuring lots of end-user compatibility improvements and much-needed dashboard upgrades.
You May Not Want To Claim Your No Man's Sky Pre-Order
Amid all the controversy surrounding the launch of No Man's Sky, there's one thing that you may not want to do even though you pre-ordered No Man's Sky: claim the bonus ship. There's a very weird but good reason as to why you shouldn't claim the ship.
The Day One Patch For No Man's Sky Is Massive
Hello Games has a busy week ahead of them, launching one of the biggest games of the summer for both PC and the PlayStation 4. They also have a massive update planned for No Man's Sky release on Tuesday following server wipes on Sunday and Monday.
When We Might Know More About The PlayStation Neo
The newest version of the PlayStation 4, codenamed the Neo, is one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry, yet Sony refuses to talk about it. However, a new rumor says the company is about to break that silence.
Here's When You Can Play No Man's Sky On PC
Hello Games founder Sean Murray took to Twitter recently to explain the PC release date for No Man's Sky is slightly different than the release date for the PlayStation 4. How different? A couple of days different.
The Insane Amount Of Money One Gamer Paid For A Leaked Copy Of No Man's Sky
One eager fan of No Man's Sky simply could not wait for the August 9th release of the game. They were so intent on playing it early they bought a copy off of eBay for an insane amount of money. How much did they pay? Well, it was hefty.
Two New Changes Are Coming To Battlefield 4 On Console
EA and DICE are evolving the way Battlefield players interact with one another across the shooting game series on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Here's what you can expect.
How You Can Sign Up To Participate In A Titanfall 2 Playtest
Respawn Entertainment is taking a different route with their multiplayer setup for Titanfall 2, and they're requiring some help from the gaming community in order to make it all work right ahead of its October 28th release.
A Remastered Version Of Darksiders Is Coming, Get The Details
One of the more underrated games from last generation was the action-RPG Darksiders from developers Vigil Games. The comic book-based game will be getting a remastered edition for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U called Darksiders: The Warmastered Edition.
What Exactly Prey Will Be, According To The Developer
So what, exactly, is Prey? Well, based on comments from Arkane Studios' Raphael Colantonio, it seems like we may all have the wrong idea of what to expect out of the upcoming first-person adventure.
How The Player's Decisions Will Affect Gameplay In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
The release date for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is fast approaching for home consoles and PC, and one of the most important elements of the game has finally been detailed: player decisions. Eidos revealed just what sort of impact they'll have on the game.
How The New Overwatch Patch Changes Ana And McCree
If you're playing the PC version of Overwatch, then you might have noticed that a couple of characters have behaved slightly differently since yesterday, specifically Ana and McCree. That comes to you courtesy of a brand new patch that, outside of tweaking those characters, doesn't really do a heck of a lot.
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