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Here's Everything You Need To Know About WWE 2K17
Set to launch on Oct. 11, there's still a bit of waiting time between now and when wrestling fans can get their hands on WWE 2K17. Thankfully, that hasn't stopped 2K from rolling out fresh details on the game, including a nice, long look at what features will come packed on this year's iteration of the series.
How Video Games Changed WWE's Xavier Wood's Life
If you follow gaming on YouTube you've likely come across a channel with more than a half-million subscribers called UpUpDownDown. It's a team effort hosted by WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, going by the YouTube moniker of Austin Creed. He recently explained how he got into gaming and how games changed his life.
2K And WWE Have Renewed Their Partnership
WWE and 2K Games have renewed their partnership together that allows 2K to publish officially licensed WWE games across multiple platforms. This means several more years of 2K Games' WWE themed games. However, the financial details were not disclosed so there's no telling who gets what part of the share from the game sales.
What WWE 2K16 Is Doing About Hulk Hogan
It looks like Hulkamania isn't running wild on anyone anymore, brother. Following the recent release of some transcripts and interviews where Hulk Hogan uses racial slurs and other language, WWE has been systematically erasing Hogan from wrestling entirely.
Sting Debuts In WWE 2k15 Trailer
It's been a long time coming, but a change is finally going to come... sort of. 2K Games and WWE have announced that they have finally acquired the last piece of the puzzle in the WCW banner of hall of famers: Sting.
Conan Reviews WWE 2K14 On Clueless Gamer
Conan has returned to the forefront of gaming with a brand spanking new version of the Clueless Gamer, this time rocking some tight spandex shorts and a lot of machismo from 2K Games' WWE 2K14
WWE App Finally Lays The Smackdown On PS3, PS4
Listen up, jabronies, because I'm only going to say this once: The most electric entertainment in modern sports is ready to be broadcast to your TV 24/7 courtesy of the WWE Nework app, arriving today on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
WWE 2K14 Adds First Openly Gay Superstar Darren Young
WWE 2K14 publisher 2K Games today announced their support of Darren Young, who became the first openly gay wrestler in the WWE this week. 2K says that Young will be joining dozens of other current superstars and retired greats on 2K14's roster.
WWE App Hits Xbox 360 Just In Time For Wrestlemania XXIX
It's Wrestlemania weekend and, if you have an Xbox 360, then you'll be happy to know that the gaming console's latest media app will allow you to purchase and enjoy the show with all of your friends. The WWE App is now available on the Xbox 360.
Undertaker Extends His Wrestlemania Streak To Video Games
Wrestling and non-wrestling fans may have heard of The Undertaker, a near seven-foot tall pro-wrestling athlete that uses an undertaker gimmick to get over with the crowd. While the whole darkside element of the character is popular, it's only matched in popularity by Mark Calaway's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Well, in case you didn't know, he also seems to have a streak going on in games.
WWE 14 Coming This Fall
2K Sports and WWE Inc. have agreed to a multi-year deal to produce WWE games, the two companies announced today. The first game created under this agreement, WWE 14, will be available this fall.
WWE Video Game Series Purchased By 2K Sports?
Yesterday THQ sold off many of its studios and games to other companies. There was no mention of what happened to their license to create WWE video games, though. Rumor has it that THQ has found an interested buyer: Take-Two Interactive, the parent of 2K Sports.
EA Sinks To New Low: Recycles FIFA 12 As FIFA 13 For Wii
We always figure that annual sports titles usually only get minor makeovers each iteration. It's not really possible to do a major breakaway unless it was already in the works a few years beforehand. However, with FIFA on the Wii, EA kind of hit a new low, charging top dollar for this year's iteration which is literally pretty much a logo-redo of last year's outing.
WWE 13 Attitude Era Trailer Focuses On The Rock's Rise To Fame
Before he became known as Dwayne Johnson, he was first known as Rocky Maivia and then he eventually evolved into The Rock and then he evolved into The Brahma Bull and then he evolved into The People's Champion and then he evolved into The Great One, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and it's chronicled quite nicely in THQ's latest trailer for WWE 13.
WWE Game Designer Laments Toughest Part Of Annual Release
The upcoming WWE 13 from THQ and Yukes is already picking up quite a bit of steam. A lot of gamers can’t wait to play it, especially with the Attitude era making a return. However, it’s not all peaches and cream for the design team and the lead designer explains why.
WrestleFest Being Re-Released For iOS February 21st
THQ and WWE are digging deep into the roots of wrestling video game history, reviving a fan-favorite arcade title called WWF WrestleFest, only this time it will be called WWE WrestleFest and the roster is getting a bit of an overhaul.
WWE 12 Trailer Unleashes The Animal Batista
THQ and Yukes released a new trailer for the upcoming annual sports-entertainment game, WWE 12. What's in the trailer? None other than the predator, the man at the top of the food chain, the Animal...Batista.
WWE 12: Road To Wrestlemania Trailer
Just about every year there's a 'Road to Wrestlemania' trailer for THQ's annual WWE games, but I would be lying if I said that each year these trailers didn’t get me amped up for the game's release. Well, this year is no different and the new trailer for WWE 12 gives gamers and wrestling fans alike a glimpse into the story mode that travels along the hard road leading up to Wrestlemania.
WWE 12 Predator Technology Drastically Improves Gameplay
THQ and Yukes went back to the drawing board for their latest WWE video game, except this time around a huge overhaul has been undertaken with the brand new Predator technology fuelling every aspect of the gameplay.
WWE 12: The Rock Is Back As Special Pre-Order Bonus
If you pre-order WWE 12 for the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii you can receive the special bonus of...The Rock. I was pretty sure he had been an unlockable character in previous WWE games but considering he’s a Hollywood big-shot, you now have to pay to play as The Great One.
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