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New Halo Wars 2 Trailer Show Off The Game's Big Bad
Microsoft and 343 Industries let loose a new cinematic trailer for Halo Wars 2 at this year's Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley. The new trailer centers around the motivations and fearsomeness exhibited by the game's lead villain, Atriox.
Could Resident Evil 7 Be A Play Anywhere Title On Xbox One? Here's What We Know
Microsoft's new Play Anywhere feature allows gamers to access certain titles through cross-platform compatibility. This means being able to play across Xbox One and PC, as well as sharing saves. Well, new info points to Resident Evil 7 possibly having Play Anywhere features.
The Xbox One Interface Could Be Going Through Major Changes
The Xbox One's user interface could be going through major changes. There are some strong rumors pointing to new updates and upgrades to the way the Xbox Guide works, and some of the new tabs that could make an appearance might make access to games even easier yet.
Pre-Black Friday Sale Has An Amazing Xbox Deal
With Black Friday fast approaching a lot of people absolutely ecstatic about trying to get their hands on some of the best bundles and deals available, there's one pre-Black Friday sale for the Xbox One currently going on that will likely have gamers jumping for joy.
Xbox Is Starting Black Friday Early, Like Now
Black Friday is fast approaching and lots of deals are dropping for various consoles and gaming software, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft actually has their own special deals for those playing on Xbox, and the Black Friday deals have started early... like, right now early.
Microsoft Is Celebrating 15 Years Of Xbox
Hard to believe, but the Xbox has been with us for a full 15 years at this point, and the folks over at Microsoft are celebrating with a bunch of in-game givaways.
The Xbox One Is Getting A DVR App After All
One of the core missing features of the Xbox One when it first launched was a DVR app. A lot of gamers and entertainment enthusiast wondered why it didn't launch with one when it was supposed to be an all-in-one entertainment system? Well, now the Xbox One has a free DVR app after all.
Toys R Us Black Friday Deals Have Been Revealed
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is hot on its heels. With a ridiculous number of deals being offered at pretty much all major retailers, the folks over at Toys R Us have revealed what they will be making available in the gaming department and, yep, some of this stuff might be worth waiting in line for.
Here's What's New In The Xbox Holiday Update
As has been announced over on the Xbox website, "the wait is over." As of now, gamers playing on an Xbox One can download the Holiday Update, which is full of new features that should make it easier to connect and compete with friends.
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Has A Major Problem On Xbox One
If you've been noticing some weird issues with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the Xbox One, you're not alone. Apparently the version of the game running on Microsoft's home console has some serious issues that have more than a few gamers frustrated with the holiday season's latest FPS.
The Xbox One Preview Program Is Going Through Major Changes
The Xbox Preview Program is getting overhauled and will now be known as the Xbox Insider Program. There's way more than just a name change going on. In fact, Microsoft recently dedicated an entire post to explaining all the major changes that the program is going through for Xbox One owners.
So, Apparently Xbox Live Avatars Are Still A Thing?
While Avatars may not be utilized all that much on the Xbox One, it looks like they're still receiving a little love from Team Xbox on the latest home console, with brand new items centered on the World Series recently released for folks aiming to beef up their virtual wardrobe.
The Makers Of Xbox Live Hit Bastion Are Doing Something Awesome For Their Fans
Supergiant Games and Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment knocked it out of the park with the original Bastion, from the narration to the platforming to the combat. Well, the award-winning title is making its way back to Xbox consoles, this time for the Xbox One.
This Week's Xbox Deals Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween
With Halloween right around the corner, the folks in the Microsoft camp are gearing up with a spooktacular Deals with Gold week, spotlighting all sorts of discounts for "Shocktober."
Grab These Free Xbox Games While You Can
The middle of the month has arrived and Microsoft has updated what gets swapped in and what gets swapped out for the free Games With Gold. Gamers looking to expand their library on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One can do so with two additional free games for the month of October.
Cuphead Is Coming, But It's Still Going To Be A Little While
Everyone's excited for Cuphead to finally launch soon, right? Hold up, don't answer that question just yet. It turns out the game is going to be a bit delayed, so prepare to do some extra waiting if you are one of the folks seriously eager to get your hands on this unique platformer.
Gears Of War 4 Update Has Already Made Leveling Up Easier
The Coalition took over the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games and People Can Fly. They made some serious changes to the multiplayer progression system, focusing more on unlockables and leveling up. Well, after user complaints of having to grind too much in multiplayer, some changes have been made.
The Most Expensive Game Console Ever Made Is One You Probably Forgot About
There's a list of all the major consoles released throughout the years and there's a breakdown of how much they're worth based on what they cost back when they first released as well as how much they would cost based on adjusting for inflation, and the most expensive game console is one you probably forgot about.
A Cult Classic Microsoft Game Is Getting Remastered, Get The Details
One of the classic games from the OG Xbox era was a 3D platformer that kind of came onto the scene in hopes of giving Microsoft an optional mascot. Things didn't quite work out for the platforming hero because Master Chief took that honor, but Microsoft is giving the under-appreciated IP another chance on the Xbox One.
Gears Of War 4 Early Access Start Today, But Some Shipments Are Being Delayed
Even though its due for release on October 11th, Gears of War 4 already has an early access window that's being opened for some gamers... except for those who pre-ordered the game from Amazon. Apparently some shipments are being delayed.
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