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Grab These Free Xbox Games While You Can
The middle of the month has arrived and Microsoft has updated what gets swapped in and what gets swapped out for the free Games With Gold. Gamers looking to expand their library on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One can do so with two additional free games for the month of October.
Cuphead Is Coming, But It's Still Going To Be A Little While
Everyone's excited for Cuphead to finally launch soon, right? Hold up, don't answer that question just yet. It turns out the game is going to be a bit delayed, so prepare to do some extra waiting if you are one of the folks seriously eager to get your hands on this unique platformer.
Gears Of War 4 Update Has Already Made Leveling Up Easier
The Coalition took over the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games and People Can Fly. They made some serious changes to the multiplayer progression system, focusing more on unlockables and leveling up. Well, after user complaints of having to grind too much in multiplayer, some changes have been made.
The Most Expensive Game Console Ever Made Is One You Probably Forgot About
There's a list of all the major consoles released throughout the years and there's a breakdown of how much they're worth based on what they cost back when they first released as well as how much they would cost based on adjusting for inflation, and the most expensive game console is one you probably forgot about.
A Cult Classic Microsoft Game Is Getting Remastered, Get The Details
One of the classic games from the OG Xbox era was a 3D platformer that kind of came onto the scene in hopes of giving Microsoft an optional mascot. Things didn't quite work out for the platforming hero because Master Chief took that honor, but Microsoft is giving the under-appreciated IP another chance on the Xbox One.
Gears Of War 4 Early Access Start Today, But Some Shipments Are Being Delayed
Even though its due for release on October 11th, Gears of War 4 already has an early access window that's being opened for some gamers... except for those who pre-ordered the game from Amazon. Apparently some shipments are being delayed.
Here's How You Can Play ReCore For Free
It's can hard to get a little recognition for an indie game these days, especially when you launch at the beginning of the annual fall flood of AAA titles. To that end, the folks behind ReCore have decided to make a portion of their Microsoft exclusive available free of charge.
It Looks Like A Remastered Bulletstorm May Be On The Way
Some leaked info appears to indicate that a remastered version of the seventh-gen release of Bulletstorm could be making its way to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The over-the-top shooter was originally published by Electronic Arts, but the remastered version could be coming from Gearbox Software.
Microsoft's Original Goal For The Xbox One Was Insane
We've all heard the term "aim high," and it's generally considered a good thing to be ambitious, but it sounds like the folks at Microsoft were a bit too hopeful when it came to original plans for the Xbox One.
Here's All The Free Games Coming In Xbox Games With Gold For October
Microsoft recently unveiled the new line-up of games that will be available for free through the Games With Gold program for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in October. With just days to go before the month is out, gamers can check out what titles they can expand their library with.
Remastered Assassin's Creed Games Are Coming, Check Out The Trailer
Since this is the first time in about 17 years that a brand new Assassin's Creed game isn't launching as part of an annual cycle, Ubisoft has decided to bring players back to the series' roots, announcing the impending launch of Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection, boasting remastered versions of three Assassin's Creed games.
James Gunn Designed A Guardians Of The Galaxy Themed Xbox One Controller, Check It Out
Famous director James Gunn, known for the blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, recently sent out a small social media image featuring a custom Xbox One controller themed after the sci-fi adventure movie and it's already getting a lot of attention.
Forza Horizon 3 Will Give You Nearly Limitless Music Options, But There’s A Catch
For many of us, the most important part of any drive is the music you choose to accompany you along the way. Microsoft apparently understands this need to choose your own road trip music.
A PS4 Exclusive Is Making The Jump To Xbox One
One of this year's most talked about indie games is spreading to Xbox One in just a couple of weeks, giving a whole new audience a chance to dive into its colorful, yet haunting tale.
EA Access Won't Give Players Early Access To A Major New Release
One of the promises of the EA Access subscription was that players who paid for the service would be eligible to participate in early access programs for upcoming releases. Well, one of the most highly anticipated games due out this year won't be part of the program.
Here's What's New For Overwatch Season 2
Overwatch is already heading into its second season of competitive gaming. Blizzard has kept to their promise of making the e-sports seasons a couple of months long with a break in between. Now that the new season is kicking into high gear, they revealed some details on what's new for Overwatch in Season 2.
Watch 17 Minutes Of Gameplay In New Gears Of War 4: Horde Mode 3.0 Footage
When Gears of War 4 lanches on Oct. 11, it'll come packed with everybody's favorite cooperative romp, Horde Mode. You don't need to wait two months to see the mode in action, though, as we've tracked down nearly 20 minutes of gameplay for you to take a gander at.
New For Honor Videos Show Three Class Types
Ubisoft's For Honor isn't due for release until early next year for PC, Xbox One and PS4, but they've been really ramping up their promotional efforts to make people aware of the sword-and-shield multiplayer game. This includes new trailers showing off how the class types work in the game.
The ReCore Launch Trailer Is Beautiful And Touching
We're just a couple weeks out from the launch of ReCore, which means it's time to take a gander at the game's rather magical launch trailer.
One Major Change Horde 3.0 Is Making To Gears Of War 4
The Coalition is making some changes to the Horde Mode in Gears of War 4, dubbed Horde 3.0. Read on to see what's new.
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