Devil May Cry 5 Demo Pulled From Xbox One, But Will Return

Demos seem to come and go these days like a comic book print being pulled and brought back after a short while. That's what Capcom seems to be doing with Devil May Cry 5, which originally had a demo available for the Xbox One for gamers to test out, but then it got pulled. Don't worry, though, it's coming back.

Over on the official Devil May Cry Twitter account, it was announced that anyone who downloaded the demo for Devil May Cry 5 can still play it but it's no longer available for download. So, it's a little bit like the P.T. Demo situation where players could no longer download the demo from the store page but it was still playable for anyone who downloaded the demo to their hard drive.

In this case, the old demo is being shuffled off of the Xbox Store for the Xbox One, but the really good news is that ahead of the release of Devil May Cry 5 for the home consoles, Capcom will release a brand new demo for the game. Starting February 7th, there will be a brand new demo with new content for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Some gamers were begging Capcom for a PC demo, but some others hilariously replied by saying that Capcom couldn't trust PC gamers because they would datamine the demo and expose all sorts of other secrets for the full version of Devil May Cry 5. I hate to say it but they aren't wrong. Heck, even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn't available on PC, there are still hackers who have already dumped the game and have been going through the hex data to figure out who will be the next set of DLC characters to launch for the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Other than the PC gamers crying about not being able to get the demo in any capacity, the PS4 and Xbox One gamers were excited about the upcoming demo content.

The demo is barely 15 minutes long, but it's enough time to give you an idea of what the gameplay and mechanics are like, including the basic controls, the graphics, the characters, the weapons, and the enemies.

After the game gives you a heads-up on the control scheme and the basic play mechanics, it thrusts you into the game where Nero finds himself in a downtown area. It doesn't take long for the demons to start popping out.

As you play through the demo, the music is reactive, much like every other game that's been around since the seventh generation of gaming. As you ramp up your combos and achieve higher ranks, the Devil Trigger theme song will begin to play, incentivizing players to keep doing better and constantly improving their rank. Once you finally reach an 'S' rank the full theme song will begin to play and when you get a triple 'S' rank, the volume pumps up, the effects are in full swing, and the characters begin to react to the epic style abilities.

A large portion of the demo is about running through the city, with a few scarce fights sprinkled in between the long stretches of platforming and exploration.

You'll have to wait until February 7th to get your hands on the new Devil May Cry 5 demo, which is an entire month away at this point.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.