Scoop: Scott Porter Is JLA's Superman!

By Josh Tyler 2007-11-17 02:19:08discussion comments
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Scoop: Scott Porter Is JLA's Superman! image
It looks like the dam is about to burst on the casting of Warner Bros. Justice League of America movie. Itís just unfortunate that it had to happen late at night on a weekend, when Iím full of Scotch and in no mood to talk about which Hollywood actor will be abusing his crotch with tights next.

Anyway, hereís the skinny. Tonight we got an email from a guy claiming to be in the know with whatís going on in the JLA camp. He asked to remain anonymous, but he says he knows at least part of who is playing who. Normally Iíd just delete such an email out of hand, after all weíre all sick of fake JLA rumors by now, but some of what he said confirmed heretofore unknown production tidbits Iíd already heard from others, and then about an hour after he sent the email to me, another site posted a story confirming at least part of his casting rumorÖ yet they appear to have gotten their info from a completely different source, since their cast list doesnít contain the real gem of the bunchÖ Superman.

So hereís the deal. Our source says Warner Brothers is set to announce the completed JLA cast next week, and Scott Porter (thatís him to your right) has been hired to play Superman. If youíve noticed Porter at all before now, itís probably as a regular on the TV series Friday Night Lights. He also had a fairly significant part in Music & Lyrics, and heís just finished filming on Speed Racer as the brother of Racer X, Rex Racer.

Heís 29, from Omaha Nebraska, and about as all-American looking as a guy can get. I guess thatís what you want in a Superman, isnít it? Now can the guy act? Wait, this is JLA. Who cares. Can the guy convincingly carry the Statue of Liberty over his head? Thatís all that matters.

In addition to Porter, our source says Common is now signed to play John Stewart/Green Lantern. Adam Brody has been added to the cast, probably as The Flash. Teresa Palmer is on board but not as Wonder Woman. Other sources suggest sheís playing the daughter of Batman villain Raís al Ghul, Talia Ghul. Last, Michael Gough may make an appearance as Alfred, after being kicked out of the part by Michael Caine in Chris Nolanís Begins movie.

So thatís the latest, and we've been able to confirm a lot of it with several different methods. Maybe this time we have a JLA cast rumor which is reliable. Everyone seems to agree WB will make an official announcement next week, so we wonít have long to wait for the final, full, cast list. We still donít know whoís landed major parts like Wonder Woman or The Martian Manhunter.

Clint over at Moviehole was able to check with one of his WB sources regarding the Scott Porter rumor. His source told him this: "ĎHeís been under consideration for a ďroleĒ Ė but not for anyone in particular. Everyone came in and simply read Ė they didnít come in to read for Superman or Batman or whoever. And the rumor was that Miller thought he might make a good Aquaman and Superman, so he was probably short-listed for both. I donít know that he ended up getting either role though. I canít be sure, but I donít think so. If he doesnít, he was definitely a contender though. Miller is making his casting decisions this weekend, and itís very close, but I guess youíll find out next week sometime? I canít confirm any of the other names."

So it looks like Porter has definitely been in the mix. We'll have to wait for official confirmation on where he ended up.
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