The idea behind all of these “Quirk Classics” novels is to take a wholly boring book from the 1800's which appeals to no one under the age of 45 without a masters in English Literature, and add something awesome to them. The first example, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, was such a hit that it's been picked up by Natalie Portman to be adapted into a feature. If that does well, we can expect Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter to follow the same path.

PPandZ author Seth Grahame-Smith just released another novel of historical horror fiction called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, touting itself as the TRUE story of our 16th president. With it, a short film was put together to promote the book and if you're not too put off by the cheese factor, it's pretty funny.

My question to you is: is this awesome, or are you over it? I think the idea of boosting classics with something funny like zombies is a great idea. I even have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on my shelf waiting for me to read. But how many of these will it take before people just say, “Alright enough”? I say this is plenty. On top of this over saturation, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter just doesn't have the same ring as the 2001 Phil Caracas classic Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

So, book fans, is this idea still appealing to you, or have you had enough of authors trying to be ironically funny?



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