David O. Russell's ABSCAM Thriller Will Now Be Called American Hustle

By Sean O'Connell 2013-04-16 15:12:28discussion comments
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David O. Russell's ABSCAM Thriller Will Now Be Called American Hustle image
We've known from the project's earliest stages that the title American Bullshit was never going to fly, and so David O. Russellís ABSCAM drama now is going with the more marketable title American Hustle, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

The plot, however, stays the same. Russell is fashioning a period thriller around a series of actual events that took place in the 1970s, where corrupt U.S. Senators and the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey were eventually caught by a team of con artists who were cooperating with the federal government. ABSCAM is the name of the sting operation that was set up to take down the corrupt officials who were taking bribes. It led to several high-profile arrests.

Russell is coming off yet another high-profile success story, having guided Jennifer Lawrence to Oscar glory for Silver Linings Playbook after doing the same for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo in The Fighter back in 2010. Heíll reteam with Bale and Lawrence for American Hustle, which also reunites him with several previous cast members including Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Robert De Niro. Russellís hard at work on the production at the moment, working from a screenplay written by Eric Singer (The International). It is Annapurna Picturesí hope that Russell can deliver the film in time for its December 25th release date, putting the director right back into the annual Oscar conversation.

Truthfully, Iím excited for virtually anything that Russell wants to try. I adore Silver Linings Playbook, and think he has excellent chemistry with everyone in the American Hustle cast. An air-tight con story based on true events has the potential to be a rousing crowd-pleaser, and Russell seems to be working at the top of his game right now. Look for American Hustle in theaters at the end of the year.
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