After a brief stint on television and a few supporting roles in small films, Jennifer Lawrence hit it big in 2010, and has ascended to become one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. Not only is she regularly appearing in major blockbusters and franchises, but still also appearing in award-contending dramas. It's been an incredible eight years, and in this feature we will celebrate the best of the best.

With Jennifer Lawrence's new movie, Red Sparrow, set to arrive in theaters this Friday, we've taken the opportunity to look back at her body of work, and single out her five best performances. Which movie has the top spot? Click through and find out!

5. The Hunger Games

Following Jennifer Lawrence's big break-out, everyone knew that she would wind up in a major franchise - the big question was simply which one it would be. It wound up being that the answer was Gary Ross' The Hunger Games - the hotly-anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins' beloved book series, in which the Academy Award-nominated actress would play heroine Katniss Everdeen. It was expected that the movie would be a hit and launch a whole series of films, which it did, but what many did not see coming was just how crazy good Lawrence would be in the protagonist role. It may have been her first time as the lead in a big Hollywood production, but Lawrence handled it like a pro, and put in what will ultimately be seen as an iconic performance in pop culture history.

It's tricky to be able to portray both elegance and ruggedness in a single performance, but that's exactly what's required in Jennifer Lawrence's performance, and she is absolutely fantastic. As a result of her hard upbringing in the impoverished District 12, she has a certain powerful stoicness to her, creating a type of surprising gravitas, but at the same time she handily wields the intelligence and charm that winds up making her beloved in the nation of Panem. Lawrence was an actress on the rise before The Hunger Games, but this was the film that made her a superstar.

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