Jennifer Lawrence Says Jersey Shore Inspired One Of Her Most Famous Roles

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Jennifer Lawrence is a true master of her craft, able to take on a variety of roles in a variety of genres, and sometimes it seems that she takes inspiration for those roles in some unique places. In fact, during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the inspiration for her emotional American Hustle character came from none other than Jersey Shore. When Andy Cohen asked her about the role, she whispered the following:

It was Jersey Shore. Yes, yes. No, no, no, it was already in me. I didn't have to, you know. But I know deep down where it came from.

So, there you have it, if you ever wondered where Jennifer Lawrence got the inspiration for the unstable Rosalyn, it was none other than the MTV series that spawned a love for poofy hair, phrases like GTL and a total overuse of fist pumping. Of course, Rosalyn didn't have slang in her vocabulary as memorable as "grenade" or "smush," but she did often make suspect decisions like the cast of Jersey Shore. And apparently, Jennifer Lawrence spent enough time watching the series and soaking in its flavor that she was able to bring a little MTV into the critically-acclaimed movie.

The actress later told Andy Cohen there was a part of her that really needed to get Rosalyn off of her chest, likely because of all the reality shows she consumed over the years. It seems to have worked, too, as the role led Jennifer Lawrence to earn quite a few awards for her American Hustle role, as well as an Academy Awards nomination. She also said about her American Hustle character:

I just felt like that was a part of me that needed to come out. Probably from reality television. But something, that character was like burning to come out.

If you'd like to see Jennifer Lawrence talking about the American Hustle gig or how she doesn't equate the name J Law with fame, you can check out a lengthier clip from her appearance, below.

Currently, Jennifer Lawrence is starring in Red Sparrow, which just hit theaters this past weekend, although if you are a hater, she's already mentioned you've been uninvited to the flick. Next time she hops onto Watch What Happens Live however, we hope she reveals the role of Dominika Egorova was inspired by something else random, perhaps a love for Natasha Fatale. It certainly wasn't a skill set like ballet that inspired her...

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