Did Warner Bros. Reveal Possible New Titles For Batman Vs. Superman?

By Sean O'Connell 2013-11-21 07:58:13discussion comments
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Did Warner Bros. Reveal Possible New Titles For Batman Vs. Superman? image
Are you ready for Man of Steel: Black of Knight? Maybe Man of Steel: The Darkness Within? How about Man of Steel: Knight Falls or Man of Steel: Battle the Knight?

Because according to Fusible, these are domain names registered by Warner Bros. that could become titles for Zack Snyderís Batman-Superman team-up/throw-down movie. The site says that the studio "secretly" registered these names through MarkMonitor. And the practice of registering domain names and titles has led to correct guesses and speculation about past superhero projects, including that time X-Men fans figured out that Fox was planning to adapt the popular Days of Future Past storyline into a feature-length film.

When I hear Black of Knight, I think of this:

Why the hell wouldnít Warner just go with Batman vs. Superman? Itís the movie that finally puts Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) in the same movie. Advertise it as such! Donít get cute. Leave the subtitles for lesser franchises. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? Not a problem. Batman-Superman doesnít need it.

The studio also doesnít have to brand this as a sequel to Man of Steel. Those words donít have to be in the sequelís title. We all understood that The Dark Knight was a follow up to Batman Begins. It didnít have to be called Batman Begins: The Dark Knight. Itís part of the reason why I REALLY wish that Nolan called his third part The Caped Crusader or something wildly different, because recycling The Dark Knight for the title felt like pandering.

Thereís one subtitle that I think Warner could use that would fire fans up. The Dark Knight Returns. It references the seminal Frank Miller graphic novel that pits an older Bruce Wayne against Superman. And itís the story Snyder referenced from the stage of Hall H to announce this hot project.

The Dark Knight Returns

This could all mean nothing. Maybe they are registering domain names for book, cartoon or video game that will tie in to the 2015 superhero thriller. But weíre tracking any and all new nuggets tied to Snyderís pending blockbuster, and this makes for some interesting discussion, no? Weigh in. Let us know if you like these titles, or if you have better suggestions. Weíd love to hear them. Warner might want to hear them, as well.
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