Did You Know There Are Ghosts In The Heat? Paul Feig Reveals All

By Nick Venable 2013-07-02 03:31:32discussion comments
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Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) has been something of a comedic deity since he created the 2000 TV series Freaks and Geeks, which is probably the best series that has ever existed and if you say any differently then Iíll probably ignore you. (Somehow, his Communist concentration camp drama I Am David that he co-wrote and directed doesnít ever get brought up in the same conversation.) But what you may not be aware of is Feig didnít get into this business to make movies about awkward kids or direct episodes of The Office. Itís all about fueling research for his ghost obsession.

He appeared on a recent segment of Anatomy of a Scene - as part of the award-noticing ďThe Onion Master SeriesĒ Ė to discuss a specific scene from his recently released buddy comedy The Heat, which opened last weekend with a strong second place showing. The scene heís talking about in particular is one in which Sandra Bullockís character is meeting the family of Melissa McCarthyís character, but it isnít the human cast that Feig is interested in talking about. Heís interested in the ghosts captured on film during the shoot, of which there were 10!

Obviously this story isnít credible journalism, as it comes from The Onion, but itís such a left field joke that I wonder if fans of The Heat will watch the clip and become utterly perplexed by Feigís dry humor. Admittedly, even I donít understand why they chose ghosts as their angle here, but it was pretty hilarious regardless. (Maybe the 3 Men and a Baby urban legend is what inspired this.)

Feig began his career with comedic acting, and has continued to do so in a limited capacity, so he really nails it here, appearing completely blasť about audience reactions to his films, so long as he can focus on ďghosts, ghouls, ghastly goblinsĒ and things of that nature. Not that itís all fun and games; they lost 3 production assistants due to ďghost madnessĒ while making the film. Also, he gets my vote for the Best Spit Gag so far in 2013.

Get your comedy (or horror) fix by watching the trailer for The Heat below.

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