Five Surprising Confessions We Coaxed From The Cast Of Winter's Tale

By Kristy Puchko 2014-02-14 10:41:20discussion comments
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Having penned films like Cinderella Man, I, Robot and the Academy Award-winning Beautiful Mind, Akiva Goldsman has earned a lot of cred with big stars like Russell Crowe, Will Smith, Colin Farrell, and screen legend Eva Marie Saint. Thoughtfully, he used this pull to stack the cast of his directorial debut, Winter's Tale, with A-listers like these as well as luminaries like Matt Bomer, Jennifer Connelly and Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay.

Inspired by the Mark Helprin novel, Winter's Tale unfurls the unlikely but fateful love story between a turn-of-the-century thief (Farrell) and a sickly heiress (Findlay). This past weekend, New York critics were shown this star-stuffed adaptation before a press conference that boasted appearances from Goldman, Farrell, Findlay, Connelly and Saint. Here's what we learned from this event.

Winter's Tale
Love Scenes Are The Worst
It hardly feels like a spoiler to tell you that Findlay and Farrell share a love scene in Winter's Tale. Asked about it, Findlay, who was easily the most sheepish member of the panel, spoke of the importance that moment holds for her character, offering, "Sheís found real, true love from a stranger and itís become something beautiful."

Asked if their onscreen love scene inspired any real life feelings between co-stars, Findlay shook her head demurely. Then Goldsman took over to rob us all of the illusion that shooting sex scenes is at all sexy. "Let me disabuse you all of something," he smiled. "Love scenes are the most horrible thing you can ever ask actors to do. Just try to take a moment, not take off your clothes, but here. No, really. No, no, really. Love scenes are the hardest thing in the world and if you enjoy them, thatís wonderful, because nobody making them, sits there and goes, 'Letís do that again tomorrow!'"
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