French Connection's William Friedkin Will Direct Nic Cage's Vigilante Movie

By Mack Rawden 2012-10-01 17:20:35discussion comments
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French Connection's William Friedkin Will Direct Nic Cage's Vigilante Movie image
Nicolas Cage is one step closer to committing some awesome mentally unhinged murders. Last month, the actor signed onto the project I Am Wrath, but at the time, no director was in place. French Connection helmer William Friedkin was reportedly mulling it over as a potential next vehicle, but his commitment was far from a guarantee. Over the last three weeks, however, hes reportedly moved a whole lot closer to committing.

According to Deadline, the deal is basically done, and the project should begin filming in February using a script written by Paul Sloan. Itll see Cage play a damaged man grieving over his wifes murder who loses it when the cops refuse to catch the killers. After some digging, he discovers a cesspool of kickbacks, corruption and shady business deals and decides hes the man who should make those involved pay for abusing their power. If ever there was a job for Cage, it sounds like this one.

As you can see, the plot is definitely a bit B-movie, but Cage has historically thrived when hes allowed to play a rabid dog mowing down his foes. I Am Wrath will allow him to be reckless and psychotic. In theory, that should make for a gory and snappy film, and considering Friedkin is the crazy bastard who made The Exorcist, there are plenty of reasons to be confident.

Well keep you updated as other members of the cast board and a more specific plot begins to take shape. Until then, get excited about Cage going apeshit on police officers.
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