Homefront's Hectic Red Band Trailer Will Blow Your Kneecaps Away

By Nick Venable 2013-10-18 15:15:56discussion comments
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If youíre averse to F-bombs, gunplay and seeing footage from what looks like every single fight scene in the entire film, maybe think twice before watching this humdinger of a red band trailer for the new action movie Homefront. But for everybody that fully embraces those things, youíll enjoy the f-bomb out of this.

I still donít know if I believe this movie exists or not, as the description ďaction drama which pits undercover cop Jason Statham against meth cook James Franco in a bullets Ďní bats battle of the brawnĒ just sounds ridiculous. And it also looks ridiculousÖly awesome. I kind of tuned out of Stathamís action romps after , assuming that no other film could possibly top any aspect of its excessiveness, and while thatís undoubtedly still true, Gary Fielderís Homefront looks like an honest-to-goodness throwback to the devil-may-care actions movies of decades past, filling out a fairly simple plot with a barrage of bullets and roundhouse kicks. No one is trying to save the President and there is no terrorist threat holding a town hostage. This is just pulse-pounding machismo, and I canít wait to see Statham punch Francoís character in his hick face over and over again until it turns into mulch.

IGN, a good chunk of the action here wasnít shown in the still-exciting first trailer. For one, this one quickly introduces viewers to the ruthlessness of small town monster Gator Bodine, who comes at a few low-life meth dealers with a bat and a threat to pour gasoline down their throats. Not the most ethically sound role Franco has taken, but he pulls it off well (though itís nowhere near as dazzling as his Alien character in Harmony Korineís Spring Breakers from earlier this year). Still, Jason Statham is more electrifying than all of Francoís Spring Breakersí co-stars put together.

As a former DEA agent, Stathamís Phil Broker movies into Bodineís small town, where both he and his daughter, played by Isabela Vidovic, become immediate targets to the townís seedy underbelly. And itís up to Broker to shove peopleís heads through windows and blow peopleís kneecaps out. I mean seriously, unless you are in top physical shape, donít tell someone who looks like Statham that you are going to kick his ass above his shoulders. Itís just rude.

I think Iím behind Homefront because it blends the Southern psychological thriller with the inner city actioner, which isnít the most oft-seen genre mash-up. Statham characters have taken on some really ruthless individuals in the past, but weíre just fucking crazy here in the South. Mix a little meth into the mix and nothing is off-limits.

Written by none other than Sylvester Stallone, Homeland also stars Winona Rider, Clancy Brown, Rachelle Lefevre, Kate Bosworth, and Frank Grillo, and it will open in theaters on November 27, just as youíre waking up from your Thanksgiving coma.

Check out the filmís first high-energy trailer below.

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