Honest Avengers Trailer Playfully Points Out Mistakes

By Sean O'Connell 2012-09-27 11:12:06discussion comments
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We can all agree that Joss Whedonís The Avengers was amazing. Movies rarely go on to become the highest-grossing feature in a given year without doing somethings right. And now that itís available on Blu-ray and DVD, fans will be able to go over every single frame of Whedonís blockbuster Ö and pick it apart. Which brings us to the latest installment of ďHonest Trailers,Ē from the team over at Screen Junkies. They were asked by their readers to put The Avengers under the microscope, and hereís what they came back with:

God, how are the team members talking to each other? I canít unsee Hawkeye and Cap speaking to nothing, yet somehow still communicating with Tony Stark. Thatís going to drive me crazy from here on out.

So, Avengers isnít flawless. And yes, the stinging criticisms about Iron Man and Captain Americaís popularity in the grand scheme of the Marvel universe are spot on (yet still brutal). But if thereís any director out there who can appreciate the joke, itís Whedon. I understand how thatís probably coming off as more butt-kissing aimed at our so called ďGod of Nerds.Ē But when a director delivers Avengers and Cabin in the Woods in the same year, heís going to get that kind of leeway.

Are there other blatant hiccups in Avengers that the ďHonest TrailerĒ missed? Surely youíve seen a few things now that you are able to watch the movie again and again in your own home. Share some of your favorites below. Or better yet, make your own ďHonest Trailer.Ē Sarcastic humor is the Internetís chief reason for existing, after all.
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