Identity Thief Will Travel On To Blu-ray And DVD In June

By Jessica Rawden 2013-04-02 22:50:44discussion comments
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Identity Thief was a big box office success this winter, taking over the number one slot during its opening weekend. If youíve been waiting to catch the film another time or just want to hear what the buzz is all about, you wonít have to wait much longer. Universal Studios Home Entertainment is bringing Identity Thief to Blu-ray, DVD, digital download and On Demand on June 4.

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Until Seth Gordonís film came together, I never considered the possibility of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy headlining the same movie about two people roadtripping after unfortunate circumstances bring them both together. Theyíre both capable, funny comedians, but Identity Thief ended up being way more of a riot than I counted on, thanks to a clever script and what Iím sure was plenty of improvising by the cast. Plus, the two leads have a bizarre chemistry you wouldnít expect. The whole endeavor was good enough that the studio is already planning a sequel, which will hopefully come sooner rather than later.

Thereís plenty of extra funny stuff with the set, but if you want all of the alternate takes, youíll unfortunately have to roll with the Blu-ray. Not that thatís so bad. Amazon already has costs listed for the set and Blu-rays will retail for 34.98 and DVD copies run at 29.98. Luckily, both are on sale if you pre-order the flick, which, letís be honest, probably wouldnít be the worst purchase you make this month.

Identity Thief DVD Bonus Features
  • Gag Reel
  • The Making of Identity Thief
  • Unrated and Theatrical Versions of the Film
Identity Thief Blu-ray Bonus Features
  • All of the DVD Extras
  • Scene Stealing: Capturing the Humor of Identity Thief
  • The Skiptracerís Van
  • Alternate Takes

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