John Carter Follows Full Trailer With Three Character Banners

By Sean O'Connell 2011-12-02 14:34:23discussion comments
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With all of the John Carter material reaching the Web over the last few days, youíd think the film was about to open in theaters momentarily. Itís not. We still have to wait until March 9 of next year before director Andrew Stanton transports us to the Red Planet for an intergalactic conflict. But thanks to the latest trailer and these three new character banners posted to, we have a better idea whatís in store when we arrive:

Stantonís John Carter primarily piqued my interest because I consider him to be the most emotional filmmaker in the Pixar stable, and Iím dying to see how he transitions from animated fare like Finding Nemo or his brilliant sci-fi romance WALL-E to live-action adventures.

But if Iím being honest, Stantonís Carter calls to mind George Lucasí prequel trilogy or the video-game-inspired Prince of Persia more than I care to admit. The Disney connectionís there. And I really hope thereís a good explanation in the story as to why a Civil War veteran (Taylor Kitsch) can leap 50 feet in the air over giant alien creatures.

Currently, Iím nitpicking. The John Carter universe is completely foreign to me, and I love the idea of a Civil War soldier mysteriously beamed to another planet to help fight in an alien conflict. Perhaps unpleasant memories of last summerís Cowboys & Aliens ring in my brain. Itís up to you to purge them, Mr. Stanton. Show me what you got.
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