A League Of Their Own Debuts On Blu-ray In October

By Jessica Grabert 2012-09-10 20:38:33discussion comments
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A League Of Their Own Debuts On Blu-ray In October image
One of America’s favorite baseball movies is making the transition to Blu-ray. A League of Their Own follows Tom Hanks and a flock of female players in the All-American League as they run, slide, and occasionally do the splits to ascertain victory. Fans who are excited about the brand new Blu-ray release will be able to nab a copy beginning on October 16.

I’ve always kind of wondered why my disc collection was notoriously absent a copy of A League of Their Own, but now I realize it’s been quite a long time since A League of Their Own was released on DVD. The film was a pretty early DVD release, streeting originally in 1997 and releasing a “Special Edition” set in 2004. While DVD copies are still available to purchase, there’s nothing like a new release to get audiences aware and excited about seeing a film again.

Unfortunately, if you do own the “Special Edition” release, you may not want to transition to Blu-ray, since Sony Pictures Home Entertainment isn’t offering any spectacular new special features with the disc. Buyers will obviously get a nicer picture with the new release, and if you don’t own a copy, now might be the time to buy in. There’s a killer 11-part documentary that came with the DVD and will also be part of the set, as well as a slew of deleted scenes, some music from Madonna, and plenty of commentaries.

If you are excited about the set, you can hop over to Amazon and pre-order. While you’re at it, you can skip over a few pages and check out some snazzy combo packs featuring the flick that will help you reminisce over nineties films.

A League of Their Own
  • Director and Cast Commentary
  • 15 Deleted Scenes with optional video introductions with Director Penny Marshall
  • Exclusive Documentary “Nine Memorable Innings” featuring interviews with the cast and filmmakers
  • Madonna’s “This Used to Be My Playground” music video

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