Look At The Damage Black Panther Did To Captain America's Shield

By Dirk Libbey 4 months agodiscussion comments
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We knew that the Black Panther, one of the newest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be a problem for Captain America and Bucky in this summerís Captain America: Civil War. What we couldnít guess was how dangerous a threat he actually would be. An eagle eye has noticed that Captain Americaís shield, made of one of the strongest materials in the MCU, has actually seen some damage, and weíre pretty sure it wasnít from Wolverine. Check out this image from the recent Super Bowl TV spot.

image description

As can be clearly seen here, there are five vertical scratches coming down from the top of Capís shield. As the the folks over at Heroic Hollywood, who first noticed the scratches, point out, thatís almost certainly a Black Panther right handed claw that did that damage. The Panther is from Wakanda, which, as established in Avengers: Age of Ultron, is home to large deposits of vibranium- the material used to make the shield. Itís also the material used to make Black Pantherís costume and weapons, so it makes some sense that the claws would be capable of damaging the shield.

shield closer

In fact, these claws are one of few weapons weíve seen that would be able to do so; weíve seen the shield take shots from Thorís hammer without so much as a dent.

Of course, what this really tells us is that somewhere prior to this shot thereís an epic fight scene to be had. The moment that those scratches occur will be a serious moment for Captain America. When he realizes that the Black Panther is not playing around this movie could get really serious really fast.

While we donít have all the details about why Black Panther is gunning for the Winter Soldier this makes the threat clear. Black Panther isnít just capable of damaging Captain America. If he can scratch the shield he can also do quite a bit worse. Weíre preparing ourselves for the possibility that not everybody will survive Civil War and now it's beginning to show just how real that possibility really is. Check out the full Super Bowl trailer, complete with damaged shield, below.

Do you think the Black Panther will ultimately do more than simply scratch the shield? How do you polish vibranium? Do they make a scratch remover for that stuff?
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