Masi Oka Making An MMORPG Movie

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-07 23:07:41discussion comments
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Masi Oka Making An MMORPG Movie image
Heroes star Masi Oka is getting his own movie. THR reports that Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing a family adventure movie called The Defenders based on an idea from Oka. Gary White is writing the script and Suburbia director D.J. Caruso may direct.

Apparently Oka came up with the idea while playing World of Warcraft. Yes folks, he really is a big lovable nerd. That Orc you just killed could be Hiro researching a new movie project. The Defenders will be about teens playing a massively multiplayer online video game in different parts of the world, hidden behind their avatars. Somehow, events force them away from their computers to come together for a real adventure.

Itís unclear whether Masi Oka will actually be in the movie, I guess heís a little old to play a teenager, but he will executive produce the project.
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