Michael Bay Grabs An Ouija Board

By Rafe Telsch 2008-05-29 16:41:19discussion comments
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When I think of board games with movie franchise potential, there isnít a lot of possibilities. Hungry Hungry Hippos might make for a short thrill ride of a film, but stuff like Dream Date and Stratego just have no material to work with. At the same time, who would have thought Clue would be such a successful adaptation? Thatís why Iím not completely closed off to the idea of a movie inspired by the Ouija Board, brought to you by the good folks at Platinum Dunes and Universal.

Thatís right, Michael Bayís production company is adapting the Ouija Board into a movie, at least according to The Hollywood Reporter. Thankfully the article says this wonít be like Jumanji with the game coming to life. Instead itíll be a film where an Ouija Board plays an important part. You know, like The Ring, or One Missed Call, or any of the slew of movies weíve had lately where the dead use some device to communicate with and/or threaten the living.

Itís nice to see Michael Bay taking on something that isnít a remake of an iconic horror figure, although I canít imagine an Ouija Board inspired film being much of a hook. Writer David Berenbaum is also part of the project which could be cause for excitement or dread. This is the writer who brought us Elf (instant classic), The Spiderwick Chronicles (decent family adventure), Zoom (ugh!), and The Haunted Mansion (avoid like the plague!). None of those credentials really say this is a writer who can build a suspenseful horror flick. In fact, the only one that really steps into a darker supernatural area is the worst one of the bunch.
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