Narnia Crowns Prince Caspian

By Josh Tyler 2007-02-05 00:01:25discussion comments
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The kids from the first Chronicles of Narnia movie will be back for the second one, Prince Caspian. So it’s not like Disney has a lot of new lead roles to fill. But there is one really important part they’ll need a new actor for: Prince Caspian.

AICN has picked up a story from the Times which says that they’ve found their Narnia Prince. He’s a British actor named Ben Barnes, and he has a small part in the upcoming Neil Gaiman fantasy adaptation Stardust. One problem though: He’s 25. I don’t recall the book ever saying exactly how old he is, but I’d always gotten the impression that he was still a kid like the middle aged Pevensies. 14, 15, or maybe 16 at the oldest. A 25-year-old actor playing a 16-year-old seems odd.

Still, he’s an unknown so who knows how he’ll do. Maybe they’re writing Caspian a couple of years older for the movie. Maybe Ben is just really really good at playing young.
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