The Raid 2 Wordlessly Drops Body After Body In Vicious New Trailer

By Nick Venable 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Iím so excited to watch Gareth Evansí The Raid 2, the only thing I wouldnít do to in order to see It right now is actually get into one of the insanely choreographed fights that serve as the predominant draw. Well, I also probably wouldnít want to actually go through the physically taxing process of learning all the choreography and performing the stunts. So I guess what Iím willing to sacrifice for this flick is the half-hour or so it takes me to write about the newly released "Internet trailer" for it. Itíll certainly keep my insurance company happy.

Given the film is right around 2 Ĺ hours long, it wouldnít be detrimental if Sony, XYZ Films and Stage 6 just kept releasing trailer after trailer in order to get more people interested. Itís not as if they can spoil a thousand amazingly complex fight scenes in 1:20 intervals. Itís rare that I actually want more from a trailer, but this trailer (via IGN) just makes me want to watch the whole movie over and over again. I wonder if thereís a patch I can get for this.

Given the filmís ocean-and-border-crossing appeal, it makes sense that this trailer is completely free from dialogue, with only character grunts, groans and screams to be heard; and there are tons of those. I mean, thereís also guns being cocked and shot, windows being smashed around flying bodies, bats and nightsticks smashing into bodies, screeching car tires and a hood being lifted off of someoneís head. It kind of makes sense that something word-free would leave me speechless with glee.

Whereas the first film saw honest cop Rama (Iko Uwais) battling an apartment building full of thugs, his problems only get deeper and wider in this sequel. His deeds have captured the attention of the higher-up crime lords, and Rama has to protect his family by going undercover into what looks like the most kinetically violent part of society that could ever exist, all so he can once and for all take down the crooked politicians and cops that got him in this mess in the first place. Plus, heís got to fight the aptly named Hammer Girl at some point, which could serve as its own feature, Iím sure.

Our resident movie maestro Sean went and saw The Raid 2 during its troublesome SXSW screening and walked away from it ready to destroy peopleís faces. After watching the equally pummeling first trailer below, go carve the filmís March 28 release date into your calendar.

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