Rob Lowe Joins Midlife Crisis Drama I Melt With You

By Katey Rich 2010-07-20 11:04:20discussion comments
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Rob Lowe Joins Midlife Crisis Drama I Melt With You image
Rob Lowe is keeping pretty ridiculously busy these days, signing on as the latest cast member of Parks and Recreation, going into the producing business and even considering buying Miramax. That last plan didn't work out so well, so it makes sense that Lowe is now eyeing another acting role-- don't quit your day job and all that.

The next project will be I Melt With You, a thriller about middle-aged guys dealing with their problems, (because, of course, that's never been done before). Lowe will play a doctor dealing with a growing drug addiction, and Jeremy Piven and Thomas Jane will round out the cast, with a fourth actor presumably to be added very soon. According to Deadline the whole project has come together for director Mark Pellington to the tune of less than $1 million, which means Lowe is either much cheaper than he was in the Brat Pack heyday, or he was so committed to this one he took a steep pay cut. Either way, someone seems bound for some indie cred.
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