The Saw Series May Already Be Coming Back To Life

By Nick Venable 2013-11-05 18:40:25discussion comments
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The Saw Series May Already Be Coming Back To Life image
Do you hear that squeaking sound? But it isnít a door or a piece of furniture in need of a good oiling, unfortunately; itís the sound of a tricycle being pedaled by Billy the Puppet. Well, itís actually being pedaled by a remote control or something, but thatís not the point. The point is, Legendary is reportedly once again interested in turning a profit on their mega-successful Saw franchise, which hasnít made eyeballs rebel since Saw 3D came out in 2010. How can it simultaneously feel like itís been so long since one of these films came out, while feeling like one of them just came out a few weeks ago?

Nothing is official, of course, but Bloody Disgustingís sources were told exclusively that an eighth installment in the series is "incredibly active" in getting an eighth installment in the franchise developed. Itís unfortunate that someoneís very excellent idea for a story isnít the impetus behind this decision, though we can hope. Maybe one of the producers has to skin a family member alive because such a great idea was written on their bones or something.

Iím a huge fan of the first film, and an armchair fan of the sequels in general, so Iím neither surprised nor particularly angry about this decision. BD mentions "rumblings of a remake," though the bulk of their insiders say the goal is to further the existing iteration of the story. A reboot would indeed bring me to the breaking point of my tolerance, though I canít imagine why anyone would feel the need to follow Saw 3D up with anything. I meanÖ

The producers shot themselves in the foot for sticking to this all-inclusive universe of plotlines, although thatís part of the fun. Part of me thinks it would be dumb not to include Tobin Bellís Jigsaw, but another part of me just wishes someone would blow a breath of fresh air into the story. Itís the same way I feel about Paranormal Activity 5, which took a little more development time following the terrible fourth film.

Rumors of another Saw film started back when Lionsgate and Summit merged, and apparently thereís no rush to get into production, as theyíd rather wait until they have the perfect take on it. Somebody get Cary Elwes on the phone and tell him to keep his schedule open.

Meanwhile, the awesome guys at CinemaSins released "Everything Wrong With Saw in 8 Minutes or Less" in time for Halloween. It knows how to play a game.

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