Skyfall TV Spot Ramps Up The Action

By Sean O'Connell 2012-10-10 14:29:54discussion comments
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A friend of mine recently asked, with all sincerity, why he should care about Skyfall -- and James Bond, in general Ė when Hollywood has the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne carrying major blockbusters. My argument had something to do with Bondís loyalty and service to a greater cause. As much as heís portrayed as an outsider, 007 always works to benefit his majestyís secret service. So I love that the latest TV spot for Sam Mendesí Skyfall is called ďDuty.Ē Check it out below:

It does little to establish Bondís sense of loyalty to M (Dame Judi Dench) beyond a few simple lines of dialogue. After that, itís off to the races with a flurry of action sequences meant to highlight the reason many of us continue to return to the spy series after 50 years of cinema. But from what weíve been able to gather about Skyfall, Bondís relationship with his superiors will be tested by a powerful foe (Javier Bardem), and the noble dedication that sets this hero apart from his evil-vanquishing cronies will be what will hopefully help elevate Mendesí chapter to extraordinary levels.

Speaking of extraordinary, my new favorite shot from the Skyfall marketing campaigns is Daniel Craig firing off three rapid shots as he pivots his gun. It isnít as intrinsically cool as the cufflink straightening that takes place on half of a train (that remains one of the coolest Bond shots, ever), but it continues to raise my hopes for Skyfall, which opens in the States on November 9th.
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