Will Smith Might Direct A Film About Cain And Abel

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-12 13:57:20discussion comments
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Will Smith Might Direct A Film About Cain And Abel image
Sony has been considering a movie about Cain and Abel for years, but without any high profile actors or directors excited about the project, it hasnít gone anywhere. Consequently, itís been in a lazy holding pattern, but if all goes according to plan, forward progress will begin shortly and with any luck, a whole lot of buzz will accompany that movement.

According to Deadline, Will Smith is taking a serious look at the Cain and Abel project, not only to star but also to be his first directorial effort. The actor has long churned out hundred million dollar efforts working under other people, but in recent years, heís started looking to branch out. The star reportedly did some work on the Men In Black 3 script, but if this moves forward, itíll be a way bigger time commitment with much greater consequences than changing around some dialogue.

With projects about Noahís Ark and Moses already pending, itís unlikely Smith will be able to beat the Biblical pack with Cain and Abel into theaters, but given his popularity and the interest that will surely come related to his sitting in the directorís chair, it doesnít seem likely it will matter. No potential dates or possible collaborators have been mentioned, but since heís also been linked to sequels for I, Robot, Bad Boys and Hancock, I certainly wouldnít bet on next year.

Weíll keep you updated if this becomes official, or if Smith hints at what brother he might want to play. I'd bet a lot of money on Abel.
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