Steve Buscemi Shot, Stabbed And Woodchipped For Your Entertainment

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-31 08:45:51discussion comments
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Steve Buscemi Shot, Stabbed And Woodchipped For Your Entertainment image
I canít decide if the person who compiled the many on-screen deaths of beloved character actor Steve Buscemi for this gory YouTube clip did it as a tribute to the great actor or truly hates him and loves watching him die. Over and over. And in gruesome fashion. Iím leaning toward the latter. Watch the clip and judge for yourself. Needless to say, spoilers for multiple films abound.

Buscemi gives a great death face. Itís one part shock, one part indignant disgust that heíd actually let himself be bested by some scumbag. And filmmakers love shooting Buscemi, particulary with shotgun blasts that send him halfway across the room. I'm glad the creator of the clip thought outside of the box to include Buscemi's cable-TV deaths, because the Sopranos execution has to be included in any discussion of Buscemi deaths. Obviously, though, the best of the bunch is Fargo. Any scene that involves Peter Stormare, an axe and a woodchipper has to take the cake. Other selections on the clip reel, however, can be considered controversial. Did Buscemiís lizard villain Randall Boggs really die at the end of Pixarís Monsters Inc., or did he just take a tough shot from a shovel? Up to you, I suppose.

Are there any favorites from Buscemiís long career missing from the clip reel? Let us know below. I honestly thought Buscemi died at the end of Reservoir Dogs, but a quick look at the end of Tarantino's film reminded me that he somehow escaped intact. (That's a serious missed opportunity on QT's part.) In the meantime, style points to Michael Bay, who tossed Buscemi off a balcony and dropped him through a massive glass counter in The Island. Sorry, Steve, but your pain gives us plenty of perverse pleasure. Keep dying, sir.
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