Sweet Home Alabama Is Getting A 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Release

By Jessica Rawden 2012-10-19 19:36:55discussion comments
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Sweet Home Alabama, the film that came after Reese Witherspoonís massive jump into prominence with Legally Blonde but before she earned roles in critically acclaimed fodder like Walk the Line, is coming to Blu-ray. Itís hard to believe that it was ten years ago that Witherspoon played the fashionable Melanie Smooter, although probably her haircut should belie the fact. In any case, Sweet Home Alabama will be hitting Blu-ray just in time for its 10th Anniversary on November 6.

Sweet Home Alabama came up in the news recently, thanks to a box office win for the cute animated flick Hotel Transylvania (which beat out the romantic comedyís box office streak from 2002). Despite Cinema Blendís own Katey Rich mentioning people werenít down with this movie anymore, I happen to know for a fact itís a fairly popular flick in the heartland. I can name at least a couple of women in my family who would totally spring for this on Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, although this is an anniversary edition set for the flick, there wasnít much of an effort put in when it comes to new or retrospective extras. The eight deleted scenes that came with the DVD set will be present with the Blu-ray, as well as an alternate ending and some audio commentary. You can check out the full list with specifics, below.

Sweet Home Alabama Blu-ray Extras
  • Eight deleted scenes introduced by director Andy Tennant
  • Alternate ending with introduction
  • Directorís Audio Commentary
  • Music video, "Mine All Mine"

Sweet Home Alabama is available for pre-order over at Amazon.
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