Video Blog: The Phantom Menace 3D Midnight Experience

By Katey Rich 2012-02-10 15:58:07discussion comments
As you might have read, last night was the first time I ever truly saw The Phantom Menace, and I did under pretty much the best circumstances-- at a midnight screening with four friends after some cocktails. Though there was one idiot in my theater who, no joke, was filming the climax of the movie on his camera (a 3D movie, that has been on DVD for a decade), I decided to limit the video blogging to the beginning and the end of the moviegoing experience. Joined by pals Matt Patches, Da7e Gonzales and Mike Ryan, I think we at least somewhat captured the exhausted, excited, then eventually very bored experience of seeing The Phantom Menace at midnight, in a theater only about half full and with a considerable number of people who showed up just to laugh at it. Check it all out-- complete with Lucas-inspired wipe cuts-- in the video blog below.

My biggest takeaway from finally seeing the long-reviled The Phantom Menace, quite honestly, was that it was just as bad as everyone promised me. I was hoping to find some secret joy in Jar Jar Binks, or to be able to claim that the big Darth Maul lightsaber fight was even better than everybody remembered, or that Jake Lloyd had real acting talent, but everything was just as bad as promised, if not worse. I'm honestly not sure that I followed even 50% of the plot, and even the reveal of the Queen Amidala decoy slipped past me-- granted, I was exhausted, but I can't even imagine how kids can follow this plot if I was so confused. I haven't seen either Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith since they came out in theaters, but both of them seem much better in my memory-- or at least less engrossed in the most boring plot details imaginable. I get how kids would be enchanted by the shiny colors and the action scenes of The Phantom Menace, but how anyone sticks through those Senate scenes is beyond me.

So with every intent of discovering something about The Phantom Menace that everyone else missed in the hubbub of 1999, I came out of it as negative as everyone else with me, if not more so. If you want more on my specific thoughts on the 3D of the film, go here. And worry not-- when Attack of the Clones inevitably does come out in 3D, I'll be back to experience, and hopefully dragging some willing friends along with me again.
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