Warm Bodies Photos Show Nicholas Hoult As Zombie R

By Kelly West 2012-01-10 20:03:35discussion comments
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It sounds like Summit is mixing romance with the horror genre once again with the film adaptation of yet another novel involving a romance between a teen girl and a less-than-living guy. This summer, the studio that put Twilight on the big screen will deliver zombie romance Warm Bodies to theaters.

In all fairness, since I havenít read the book, I donít want to pre-judge Warm Bodies completely. Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít swept away by certain vampire/human romance stories. That said, while Iím sure there are many fans of Isaac Marionís novel that are excited to see the story adapted to a movie, there are likely to be plenty of zombie enthusiasts that are horrified (and not in a good way) by the idea of a teen romance involving a zombie and a human. And thatíd be fair. After all, while there is a certain sexy appeal to vampires, what with their good looks and eternal-youth, the same is not likely to be said for the typical image of the pealing-skinned, brain-eating, rotten corpse that is the standard zombie featured in books, television and film.

From the looks of these stills from the movie, one of which made its way online yesterday, the make-up artists have managed to make Warm Bodiesí star Nicholasí Hoult seem dead and veiny, while not entirely gross-looking.

Warm Bodies follows a zombie named R who falls in love with Julie, a teen he rescues from his own zombie pack. Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) is set to play R in the film, which Summit has set to hit theaters on August 10th, while I Am Number Fourís Teresa Palmer plays Julie.

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