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First Look At Nicholas Hoult As A Zombie In Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult is no stranger to heavy makeup. While he looked fairly normal at the start of last summer's X-Men: First Class, by the end of the movie he was blue, had an animal-like face, and was furry all over. In Jonathan Levine's Warm Bodies he will once again be undergoing a physical transformation, but instead of looking like a fuzzy beast, this time he's going full-on zombie.

Collider has gotten their hands on a leaked still from the upcoming zombie romance movie, and you can check it out below. Head over to the source to see it in high-res.

They did a pretty good job here. The skin, eyes and lips look great and the wardrobe is just the right level of disheveled (Hoult also has a great vacant stare going for him). Given that the character doesn't ever really talk - it's more just grunts and syllables - it's probably going to be a challenging performance and we'll have to wait and see if Hoult is up to task.

Based on the book by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies tells the story of a zombie named R who falls in love with the love of a teenage boy he has killed. The story apparently has connections to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which it's not hard to imagine when you think about zombies and humans getting together. In addition to Nicholas Hoult, the film also stars Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, and Dave Franco. Look for the film when it arrives on August 10, 2012.

Eric Eisenberg

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